Criminal Minds - Season 8

Criminal Minds

Season 8

Season 8 : Episode 1

The Silencer

Premiere Date: Sep 08 2013 TV14 L

In Alex's (Jeanne Tripplehorn) first case with the BAU, the team goes after an UnSub called "The Silencer" because he sewed a prison guard's mouth shut and killed him.
Season 8 : Episode 2

Through the Looking Glass

Premiere Date: Sep 08 2013 TV14

The profilers hunt for an UnSub who's a real family guy -- he's kidnapping and killing entire families.
Season 8 : Episode 3

God Complex

Premiere Date: Sep 08 2013 TV14 L

The BAU profiles an UnSub on a surgical spree -- he's amputating victims' legs and even trying to transplant legs from one victim to another.
Season 8 : Episode 4

The Good Earth

Premiere Date: Sep 14 2013 TV14

The profilers travel to rural Oregon to try to find the link between four missing men who are all health conscious, but seem to have nothing else in common.
Season 8 : Episode 5

The Apprenticeship

Premiere Date: Sep 14 2013 TV14

An UnSub in Miami may have graduated from killing animals to people when a prostitute is found dead with a bag over her head--the same M.O. that was used to kill several dogs.
Season 8 : Episode 6

The Wheels on the Bus...

Premiere Date: March 2, 2014 TV14

A community is terrified when a school bus full of children goes missing, but the BAU's theories quickly meet a dead end.
Season 8 : Episode 7

Magnificent Light

Premiere Date: Sep 15 2013 TV14

The BAU races to solve the terrifying case of a murderer with synesthesia--he actually sees the words that are spoken to him, the words are colored, and he believes that people who speak red-colored words deserve to be killed.
Season 8 : Episode 8


Premiere Date: Sep 15 2013 TV14

The team chases an unsanitary UnSub who kills his victims with a chisel and leaves maggots at the scene.
Season 8 : Episode 9


Premiere Date: Sep 21 2013 TV14

A strange phone call from a computerized voice that just utters a single word sends the BAU the message that Maeve is in grave danger.
Season 8 : Episode 10

Magnum Opus

Premiere Date: Sep 21 2013 TV14

While Reid copes with the loss of Maeve, the profilers head to San Francisco where a series of bodies have turned up almost completely drained of blood.
Season 8 : Episode 11


Premiere Date: Sep 21 2013 TV14

A bible passage about homosexuality may hold the clue to the murders of a man and two women in Texas.
Season 8 : Episode 12

Carbon Copy

Premiere Date: Sep 28 2013 TV14

A copycat killer may be on the loose when bodies turn up drained of blood in Philadelphia--the same type of chilling case the profilers recently faced in San Francisco.
Season 8 : Episode 13

The Gathering

Premiere Date: Sep 28 2013 TV14

When the bodies of several young women are found with their tongues severed, the team races to stop a murderous cyber stalker.
Season 8 : Episode 14

Pay It Forward

Premiere Date: Sep 28 2013 TV14

A gruesome discovery is made when a time capsule is opened 25 years after it was sealed in a small Colorado town. The unit investigates and the evidence suggests that the past crime may be linked to the present death of a local police officer.
Season 8 : Episode 15


Premiere Date: Sep 29 2013 TV14

The murders of two male victims who were killed in a ritualistic manner are investigated. Meanwhile, Reid continues to grieve over Maeve's death.
Season 8 : Episode 16

Nanny Dearest

Premiere Date: Sep 29 2013 TV14

The BAU hunts for a deranged killer who murders a nanny once a year and gruesomely displays her body on the same date every year.
Season 8 : Episode 17

Brother Hotchner

Premiere Date: Sep 29 2013 TV14

The unit investigates deaths in Manhattan that are linked to apparent ecstasy overdoses, and Hotch's estranged brother is caught in the middle of the probe.
Season 8 : Episode 18

All That Remains

Premiere Date: February 22, 2014 TV14

The team investigates the bizarre case of a writer whose wife vanishes without a trace--and whose two daughters also disappear exactly one year later.
Season 8 : Episode 19


Premiere Date: March 1, 2014 TV14

When the team travels to Chicago to hunt an UnSub who targets middle-aged men for murder, Morgan discovers it's a case that really hits close to home.
Season 8 : Episode 20


Premiere Date: March 9, 2014 TV14

The profilers go on the trail of a merciless UnSub who forces married couples to stab each other to death.