American Hoggers Season 3

Season 3 : Episode 1

Before the Storm

Premiere Date: Apr 16 2013 TVPG V-L

After winning last season's showdown, Jerry Campbell is the Hog Boss in Texas. Business is booming, but Krystal, Robert and Lea aren't seeing any of the profits. They all point to Jerry's new hobby of "investing" in Texas "artifacts" as the main reason, and it all comes to a head when Jerry ruins a hunt because he lost his latest prize: a pipe that was allegedly smoked during the Battle of the Alamo. Meanwhile Ronnie Creek, the loser of last season's finale, is obsessed with his loss to Jerry Campbell. When his teammate Cody checks in on him at home, he finds Ronnie shooting effigies of Jerry in the backyard. He drags Ronnie to their latest client and when the rancher mentions a 500-pound hog on the property, Ronnie becomes convinced his redemption lies in taking down this "Hogzilla."
Season 3 : Episode 2

Breaking Point

Premiere Date: Apr 16 2013 TVPG V-L

After only a few days into their new job, the Creek Boys have had about enough of Ronnie's obsession with taking down Jerry Campbell. It all comes to a head when he leads the guys on a wild chase into a barn because he thinks he saw "Hogzilla." Meanwhile, the reigning Hog Boss, Jerry Campbell, finds himself under attack when a fleeing sow runs into his Jeep--but the pigs aren't the only ones coming after Jerry. Krystal is at her wits end with her father's behavior. When he doesn't come to her because he's too busy bidding on an auction on his cellphone... it all blows up. The hog gets away from the girls and attacks Lea's horse. Finally fed up, Krystal quits the family business on the spot--taking Lea with her.
Season 3 : Episode 3

Separate Ways

Premiere Date: Apr 23 2013 TVPG V-L

Krystal and Lea commit to their decision to quit Jerry and team Campbell and start their own business. They buy their own Jeep and christen it with a decal bearing the name of their new outfit: Wild Women Hoggers. Jerry and Robert struggle without the girls, losing hogs as Jerry struggles to stay on his feet. Jerry is convinced Krystal will return; Robert doubts it. The Creeks are out catching hogs and Ronnie is on board with his team--until he's convinced his dogs are on "The Big One" so he hits the road solo, ditching his crew. When Ronnie's truck gets stuck, he spots what he swears is his 500-pound hog, and radios for his crew to come help him. They've had enough of Creek's obsession and they refuse.
Season 3 : Episode 4

To Catch a Pig

Premiere Date: Apr 23 2013 TVPG V-L

Ronnie Creek can't get his truck unstuck, or his crew to come help him--they're fed up with his obsession over an elusive 500lb hog. So he decides that he doesn't need either to capture his prize. He takes to walking the earth with his dog Lucky in search of his White Whale, killing food and cooking it over campfires along the way. Lea and Krystal go to meet their first client, who complains of a mean mama hog he's worried will hurt his kids. The mama hog eludes the ladies, who almost lose their catch dog as well when it slips off the Jeep hood while Krystal is racing to a hog. A frustrated Robert decides to try a night hunt in a camouflage tent to see if they might be able to shoot and bag some unsuspecting hogs. Robert takes a shot and misses, thanks to Jerry distracting him. But then Jerry steps in and manages to take down the hog with one shot in the dark, and swears that he and Robert will be just fine on their own.
Season 3 : Episode 5

Turf War

Premiere Date: Apr 30 2013 TVPG V-L

The girls are off to another job, and meet with a couple who claim they've spotted Bigfoot on their land, and mimic its call. While on the hunt, the girls hear something suspicious, and as Lea pulls her gun, culprit Jerry busts out of the brush in the Jeep, and say that they met with the property owners too, and whoever catches the most hogs takes the bank. Ronnie returns from his holy hog sabbatical to a less-than-happy Creek crew, who say they're ready to turn over leadership duties to a live turkey in Randy's lap. They begrudgingly agree to hunt with him again--if he gives up his "imaginary hog." It's the last straw when Ronnie takes off (with Cody in tow) to get his big hog fix after spotting a huge hog wallow, which leaves Randy and Shep behind.
Season 3 : Episode 6


Premiere Date: Apr 30 2013 TVPG V-L

The Campbells and Wild Women Hoggers continue to muscle over the same ranch. But with two teams of dogs getting confused by which jeep to follow, no one is getting any closer to catching hogs. On top of that, the Krystal and Lea--who don't yet have enough money to get a dogbox--have yet another casualty when a dog tries to jump out of the jeep, and injures its leg. Robert feels handicapped himself on the hunt, as Jerry is stopping to take more potty breaks than the dogs. With Ronnie and Cody gone, Randy and Shep come face to face with not one but two wild hogs, and one attacks Shep! The Creek boys decide that Ronnie's mutinous ways will be the death of them... Ronnie is fired!
Season 3 : Episode 7

Stuck in the Mud

Premiere Date: May 07 2013 TVPG V-L

Jerry and Robert aren't budging off the Bigfoot ranch, and Krystal and Lea aren't happy about it. But they're really upset when a couple of their dogs disappear from the GPS, and they find out that Jerry has sabotaged them. The girl's race jeep-to-jeep with the guys in a wild hog mud chase, and win--leaving old Brush Jumper burnt out and stuck in the mud. But Krystal and Lea can't wrangle with Jerry's antics anymore--it's time to pick up and take their business elsewhere. Meanwhile, Ronnie picks up a new team member, his niece Christina. Ronnie has helped pay Christina's school tuition, but her schoolwork is no priority for him on the hog trail. When Christina says she has to get back for a test, Ronnie ditches her in the middle of nowhere to go after a 500-pound hog.
Season 3 : Episode 8


Premiere Date: May 14 2013 TVPG V-L

Riding high after their success on the Bigfoot job, and frustrated with Jerry's constant sabotage, Krystal and Lea take a huge gamble by moving their hog hunting operation to Florida. There they join forces with master hog hunter Tom Walker in hopes of raking in some big time hogging contracts. They have some success in the field, but they quickly discover they may be in over their heads. The swampy terrain is as nasty as the hogs, the dogs are more aggressive, and their new partner Tom is a bit of a loose cannon. Meanwhile back in Texas, Jerry's life continues its tailspin. Krystal is gone, his family business is struggling, and now his jeep, "Old Brushjumper," is out of commission.
Season 3 : Episode 9

Turning Point

Premiere Date: May 28 2013 TVPG V-L

Jerry's health scare wasn't an actual heart attack, but the doctor tells him to lay off the things in his life that cause him stress or next time it could be worse. Jerry is left pondering his future as a hog hunter. Tom, Lea and Krystal meet with a dog trainer client whose stock is threatened by hogs. But the terrain proves threatening to the Florida team who have to travel by airboat to access the brush-heavy islands teeming with hogs. On a night hunt, the girls' skepticism of Tom spikes when they see him shooting recklessly into the dark. Ronnie Creek finally faces his destiny... after receiving a hot tip that the 500-pound hog is in the area, he teams up with his niece Christina to take down this White Whale once and for all.
Season 3 : Episode 10


Premiere Date: May 28 2013 TVPG V-L

Ronnie Creek finally captures his 500-pound hog, but it's a bittersweet victory. Krystal and Lea clash with Tom Walker while helping a cow rancher protect his herd, driving a wedge between them. Robert has a heart-to-heart with Jerry, and encourages him to get back to hunting, while Ronnie calls a meeting with Jerry to let him know that he's fixin' to take him down as the top Hog Boss of Texas. But Jerry has a little trick up his sleeve--in the form of a little lady named Katie Ball.
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