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Full Episodes

S 14 E 0

School Ties/Friend or Foe

Aired on Jul 17, 2014
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S 14 E 2

Deadly Secret/Behind Closed Doors

Aired on Jun 26, 2014

In Dallas, when a young father is gunned down in front of his house, Detective Steve David discovers that the victim had a secret that may have led to his murder. Then, in Cleveland, a mother is found strangled and burned in her kitchen, but Detectives Nate Sowa and Ray Diaz have no witnesses and little evidence to track down her killer.

S 14 E 3

Cold Embrace

Aired on Jul 03, 2014
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S 14 E 4

Cold Betrayal

Aired on Jul 10, 2014

In Cleveland, a man is gunned down at home in front of his family just a few days before Christmas. Detectives Tom Armelli and Bob Ford must delve into the dangerous business of drug dealing to hunt down the killers.

S 14 E 5

Graveyard Love

Aired on Jul 17, 2014

In New Orleans, a man is ambushed in front of his grandmother’s house. Detectives Jeffrey Vappie and Tim Bender suspect a woman close to the victimthe victim may have arranged the shooting, but they need hard evidence to prove it–and quickly, before it’s too late.

S 14 E 6

After the First 48: Love Thy Neighbor

Aired on Jul 24, 2014

An armed robbery escalates into capital murder and rocks a residential Houston neighborhood. One man is left for dead while his killers flee into the night. Four years later, will justice finally be served?

S 14 E 7

After the First 48: Easy Money

Aired on Jul 31, 2014
A robbery at a Cleveland convenience store turns deadly when a store clerk is shot and killed. As police track down the men responsible, they discover more robberies and a second homicide that can be tied to the same suspects. But when the killers are brought into custody, the real drama begins, as they turn on each other--each bringing a very different story to the witness box.
S 14 E 9

Bad Medicine

Aired on Aug 14, 2014

New Orleans Detective Ryan Vaught investigates a gruesome and horrific murder: a grandmother and her four-year-old grandson shot in her bedroom, leaving the grandmother dead and the four-year-old struggling to survive.

S 14 E 10

The Case That Haunts Me - A 10th Anniversary Special

Aired on Aug 21, 2014

This special, two hour program features several well known First 48 detectives retelling the most haunting cases from their careers. Through interviews, dramatic recreations, and real case materials, these true crime stories from Memphis, Minneapolis, and Broward County will bring the viewer closer than ever to the personal and professional challenges faced by some of the most veteran First 48 investigators.

S 14 E 11

Senior Year

Aired on Sep 18, 2014

Detectives Mike McCleery and Bob Bachelder investigate the murder of a promising high-school senior, shot to death the week before Christmas, and stuffed in the trunk of his car, 25 miles from home.

S 14 E 12

Shattered Glass

Aired on Sep 25, 2014

In New Orleans, when a young mother is found beaten to death in her home, Detective Greg Johnson must fight to prove he has enough evidence against her killer, before he walks free.

S 14 E 15

Murder in Treme

Aired on Oct 16, 2014

In New Orleans, when a woman is slashed to death, the investigation into her murder leads Detectives Chuck Ward and Rob Barrere to a house of horrors, and they discover the killer may be someone they least expected.

S 14 E 16

Red Brick/Last Kiss

Aired on Oct 23, 2014

After a number of women are murdered in East Cleveland, residents fear there may be a serial killer on the loose. When a grandmother is strangled and left to die on a vacant lot Detectives Bob Ford and Tom Armelli need to find out if her killing is related to the others. In Dallas, a young father is shot to death in his girlfriend’s arms, in the back of his car. Detective Leo Gonzalez must find the killer before more bloodshed occurs.

S 14 E 17

After the First 48: Hot Ride

Aired on Oct 30, 2014
A carjacking-turned-murder leaves a youth minister dead. Two men are caught and one suspect turns on the other. But, a last minute change of heart changes everything.
S 14 E 18

Dark Waters

Aired on Nov 17, 2014

New Orleans Detective Ryan Vaught takes on his most challenging case yet when a young married couple goes missing and one of them is found floating in a river, drowned to death.

S 14 E 19

Dead Wrong

Aired on Jan 01, 2015

In New Orleans, when a young father is abducted and shot in the street, detective Rayell Johnson hopes shocking surveillance footage can help him crack his first homicide case.

S 14 E 20

Ringside Seat

Aired on Jan 08, 2015

Tulsa homicide delves into a dark world of drugs and prostitution to solve the murder of a man executed in his car in a motel parking lot.

S 14 E 21

Lying in Wait/With This Ring

Aired on Jan 22, 2015

In Atlanta two men are ambushed at gunpoint and only one survives to tell the tale. A mother is found stabbed to death on the side of the road, but a wedding ring dropped at the scene could break the case.

S 14 E 22

The Passenger/Death Call

Aired on Jan 29, 2015

When a Tulsa man is gunned down at the wheel of his car detectives turn to a passenger who saw it all. A 20-year-old man in New Orleans is shot down minutes after his mother gets a warning about the murder.

S 14 E 23

Rocky Road/Something She Said

Aired on Feb 05, 2015

In Atlanta, a man is shot to death over a gambling dispute at an illegal after hours club. Detective Kevin Otts battles against a wall of silence as he tries to track down the killer before he strikes again. And in Tulsa, two young lovers are murdered in cold blood. As he unravels the case, Detective Justin Ritter is shocked to learn why.

S 14 E 24

Fast Friends/The Thin Line

Aired on Feb 12, 2015

In Cleveland, a young father is murdered in his car and detectives discover his friend may know who pulled the trigger. In Tulsa, the homicide team goes on the hunt for a shotgun wielding killer who tore a family apart.

S 14 E 25

After the First 48: Cold Justice

Aired on Feb 19, 2015
In 1983, several young mothers are raped and murdered on the west side of Louisville Kentucky. A conviction on two of the murders leaves a third family with no justice. Until 31 years later, when the re-opened case and preserved DNA evidence lead police to a killer. But at trial, his attorneys question the investigation--and the memory of the victim's children--leading to an explosive confrontation.
S 14 E 26

Stray Shot

Aired on Feb 26, 2015

When a stray shot leaves an innocent man dead in his home, Tulsa detectives discover a neighborhood under siege by young terrors. They race to track down the killers before more blood is shed.

S 14 E 27

After the First 48: Kiss of Death

Aired on Mar 05, 2015

A man is brutally gunned down on a neighborhood street in Rochester, New York. Investigators believe his estranged wife, a prostitute, is lying to them about his murder. And when the case goes to trial, a conviction hinges on the testimony of two witnesses with shaky credibility.

S 14 E 28


Aired on Mar 09, 2015

When an innocent father is brutally stabbed, Tulsa Detective Justin Ritter delves into the dark and dangerous world of methamphetamine addiction in order to stop a killer on the edge.

S 14 E 29

After the First 48: Deadly Dance

Aired on Mar 12, 2015

In Las Vegas, a professional dancer disappears without a trace. Her boyfriend, the last person to see her alive, provides no leads. Finally, after weeks of dead ends, a tip blows the case wide open. At trial, the prosecution has an eyewitness and plenty of evidence on their side. But when the defendant takes the stand, will his dramatic testimony win over the jury?

S 14 E 30

Neighborhood Watch/Eye in the Skye

Aired on Mar 16, 2015

New Orleans homicide battles a wave of violence that has hit the Big Easy. Detective Travis Ward investigates the killing of a young man gunned down in a hail of bullets on the street. Six miles away, Detective Amy Robinson works the case of a man shot in cold blood behind a convenience store.

S 14 E 31

After the First 48: Date Night

Aired on Mar 19, 2015

Just four days before Christmas 2013, a single mother of five is shot twice, dumped in a East Cleveland street, and ran over by the killer. As the investigation moves forward, the victim’s husband goes from grieving spouse to main suspect. But at trial, his attorneys question the investigation–and say the state, which can’t provide any witnesses to the crime, rushed to judgment. But what truly shocks the victims family is the deep, dark secrete about her husbands past.

S 14 E 32

Bad Love

Aired on Apr 02, 2015

In Tulsa, a young woman is brutally gunned down in broad daylight. And Detective Justin Ritter suspects the witnesses know more than they are saying.

S 14 E 33

Soldier Down/Blood Vendetta

Aired on Apr 09, 2015

In Atlanta, a young father is gunned down in cold blood at an abandoned car wash. As Detective Dwayne Sutton starts to track down the shooter, he learns the trail may lead to the Bloods gang. And when a Gulf War veteran is found shot to death in a park, Detective Michael Young has to delve deep into a dangerous underworld to find out why.

S 14 E 34

After the First 48: Murder Rap/New Year's Terror

Aired on Apr 16, 2015

In Cleveland, Ohio, two murders rock the city. A young man leaves gang life behind to dedicate himself to ending the violence in his west side neighborhood. But soon after, he’s shot dead. Once in custody, the killers shock police with their motive. And across town, two hours into the new year, a man is shot to death in a home invasion. The killers leave a blood trail but are nowhere to be found. Police and prosecutors search for justice and a family is left wondering if the killers will face justice.

S 14 E 35

After the First 48: Twice Told Tale

Aired on Apr 23, 2015

It’s a murder case that spans twelve years and centers on one 911 call. The victim says a name in the last moments of her life–will that be enough to convict her alleged killer.

S 14 E 36

Night Run

Aired on Apr 30, 2015

When a young father is ambushed by a pack of brazen shooters, Atlanta Detective Summer Benton uncovers the shocking reason for his murder.

S 14 E 37

After the First 48: The Rookie

Aired on May 07, 2015

In Cleveland, a beloved son and father is shot to death during a robbery. A single eyewitness comes forward to identify two suspects, both members of a notorious gang. Prosecutors assemble a case against the shooter they hope will send him away for good–but as trial approaches, the defendant’s violent reputation has their witnesses terrified.

S 14 E 38

Closing Time/Family Matters

Aired on May 14, 2015

In Atlanta, the brutal murder of a foreign exchange student is caught on video. In New Orleans, a shooting at a carwash becomes a family affair.

S 14 E 39

Last Run/Mean Mugging

Aired on May 21, 2015
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