Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante from A&E's Storage Wars

Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante

Scrappy and determined, this husband and wife team of underdogs fight tooth and nail to keep their business alive. They might not have the deepest pockets in the auction game, but they have heart like no other.

While Jarrod is more of a risk taker with his bidding, his hard-nosed, sharp-tongued wife, Brandi is always there to question his decisions. She knows for them to succeed, they have to grow. Brandi is spearheading the expansion of their Now and Then Second Hand Store, overseeing the purchase and renovation of a new wing.

Whether in the office or out at the auctions, she always states her case. And with his business and family on the line at every auction, every bid is crucial. “I have to turn around my scores quickly because they pay for the next auction. If I don’t flip the items, I can’t bid again.”

Though it may seem Brandi wears the pants in the family, Jarrod is no slacker. Easily fired up and sly as a fox, Jarrod is a master strategist and capable of playing head games with the best of them.