Roger Hazard from Sell This House: Extreme

Roger Hazard


Roger Hazard is TV’s original home stager, as well as designer/producer on the international, Emmy-nominated A&E show Sell This House. He is a regular columnist for The Austin-American Statesman and has been featured in newspapers and magazines such as Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, and InStyle.

His work on television is viewed around the globe, and he has made appearances on networks including CBS, ABC, and NBC. Roger is a frequent guest speaker at home and garden shows and real estate industry events.

Together with his husband Chris Stout, Roger offers residential and commercial design, renovation, and staging services to clients through their firm Design Hazards. Roger and Chris, in partnership with an Austin-based business, will be introducing a line of domestically-manufactured hardwood furniture in 2012.

Growing up in Texas, Roger was always inspired by bigger and better. After studying environmental design and landscape architecture at Texas A&M University, he started his own landscaping company. He designed, plotted, and grew some of the most tasteful gardens in Houston.

His sense of design led him to work on homes. Discovering architectural potential in neglected historical homes, Roger began a new career in restoration. He moved to Atlanta where he found great success buying and selling up to four houses a year.

During his career, Roger has taken on all sorts of challenges, designing celebrity homes, restaurants, and countless interiors as well as sets for television shows. In addition to residential and commercial design work, Roger has started assisting location charity organizations to improve the utility and comfort of their facilities. Through his extensive experience as a designer and a home restorer, Roger has discovered many of the tricks of the real estate trade. The most important one is that people buy based on their emotions; they want to feel good in a home. Roger knows just how to create an inviting environment without having to break the bank to do it.