Charlie Frattini from Sell This House: Extreme

Charlie Frattini


Charlie Frattini is a 25-year construction veteran who has built a wide range of construction projects. Whether they are heavy construction projects or high-rise structures, Charlie has used his expertise, attention to detail, and tough as nails approach to getting the job done. He always remains true to his Marine Corps training, which keeps him focused through ALL obstacles.

Charlie has proven to be the man to call when there are construction projects behind schedule or over budget and has been known to use any method possible to succeed in completing the tasks at hand, while maintaining a high quality of work.

His resume is unmatchable in television, as he has successfully completed some of the largest construction projects in New York City. Now, he takes his methods of building, in one of the toughest and most competitive construction markets in the world, to homeowners around the country to help them upgrade their home so it could be staged for sale.