Episode 1 Time to Set You Free
S 1 E 1

Time to Set You Free

Aired on Aug 18, 2022

Eight ordinary Americans have made an extreme choice: opening their home to a roommate just released from prison. These individuals have a singular goal- help the former inmate re-enter society and stay out of prison. As they prepare for their new roommate’s release, these homeowners are questioned by friends, family, and those around them about their decision to bring a former convict into their lives.

Episode 2 Rules of The House
S 1 E 2

Rules of The House

Aired on Aug 25, 2022

After 18 years behind bars, Bill is finally released from prison and immediately hit with a long list of rules from devout Mark and Sharna. Darquavion’s parole officer throws him in a complete panic, while Artie picks up inmate Jovan, who disappears shortly after getting out. As Kyle and Sandra prepare their home for Nick, a former drug addict who will be moving in, Robert writes inmate Aaron a shocking letter about their upcoming living situation.

Episode 3 I Can't Do This Anymore
S 1 E 3

I Can't Do This Anymore

Aired on Sep 01, 2022

Shortly after Darquavion moves into Henry’s house, he goes missing. Mark takes Bill for a driving lesson and learns about his pre-lockup getaway skills, while Sharna finds out that Bill has a girlfriend. Artie confronts Jovan about his whereabouts and then introduces him to her disapproving son. And Nick’s release day is here, but Sandra is still very apprehensive that this whole arrangement will work out.

Episode 4 The Meat Police
S 1 E 4

The Meat Police

Aired on Sep 08, 2022

Sparks fly as Kyle and Sandra lay down the list of guidelines for released inmate Nick. We meet Tiffane, an online boutique owner, who’s taking in Ari, a young woman finishing up her four and a half year sentence for identity theft and bank fraud. Meanwhile, Darquavion arrives back at Henry’s and is late to a job interview. And since Mark and Sharna keep a vegetarian house, Bill has been reduced to secretly storing his deli meats on the air conditioning vent.

Episode 5 Breaking the Ice
S 1 E 5

Breaking the Ice

Aired on Sep 15, 2022

Tiffane and her friend/naysayer, Quinn, pick up Arielle from prison and tensions boil on the ride home. After Darquavion’s family friend visits him at Henry’s house, an explosive conversation about values is sparked, setting off Darquavion and forcing him to re-examine everything. Bill’s living situation gets more complicated when Mark and Sharna decide to take extreme measures to keep their new roommate in line. And things get awkward quickly when Jovan sees his little daughter for the first time in over three years.

Episode 6 On the Brink
S 1 E 6

On the Brink

Aired on Sep 22, 2022

Henry, Darquavion and Uncle Joe’s conversation about calling the police, quickly turns explosive. Bill prepares to visit his girlfriend in California but not before Sharna gets into a war of words with him. Meanwhile, Nick buys an expensive truck without having car insurance and Kyle and Sandra are appalled. Ari’s post-prison journey begins at Tiffane’s residence, however drama rears its head into the situation as Tiffane’s friend, Quinn is forced to move out.

Episode 7 Doors Locked
S 1 E 7

Doors Locked

Aired on Sep 29, 2022

When Bill leaves for California to visit his girlfriend, Sharna comes to a major decision regarding his parole. Meanwhile, Nick’s temptations kick in at a Mardi Gras festival with Kyle and Sandra, a fun night at the club celebrating Arielle’s freedom quickly turns nasty and after Jovan misses a planned dinner with Artie and her son, Steven, a hostile confrontation ensues…putting Jovan’s parole in jeopardy.

Episode 8 Rising Suspicions
S 1 E 8

Rising Suspicions

Aired on Oct 06, 2022

Mark and Sharna prepare for Bill’s return from California by taking drastic measures. While Nick maintains his innocence, Sandra suspects Nick is using drugs again. Henry asks Darquavion to meet up and discuss the incident that occurred between them, but Darquavion has something bigger on his mind. Tiffane reaches her breaking point with Ari.

Episode 9 You've Been Served
S 1 E 9

You've Been Served

Sandra confronts Nick about his suspected drug use and the conversation quickly goes sideways. Bill arrives back in Indiana and unleashes on Mark and Sharna. After hearing some upsetting news, Darquavion contemplates returning to a life of crime and just when Jovan feels things are looking up, he’s hit with a grave setback.

Episode 10 The Next Chapter
S 1 E 10

The Next Chapter

After the big blowout, Nick makes a decision about his living situation with Kyle and Sandra. Artie meets with Jovan’s wife, Kelly, to figure out what’s next for Jovan and his daughter. Mark grows tired of waiting for Bill, so he takes matters into his own hands and Darquavion has a shocking surprise for Dr. Henry.

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