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Season 3 (21)

13 Seasons | 133 Episodes, 115 Unlocked

Episode 22 Glen/Lisa
S 3 E 22


Aired on Jan 10, 2011

A collection of 2500 free-roaming rats have hoarded Glen out of his home and into a shed on his property. Originally bred as pets, the rat collection spun out of control upon the death of his wife. Now Glen needs help removing the animals so he can return home, but he has insisted that they be saved and adopted out. Lisa has hoarded her father’s house both inside and out. More than 30 cats roam freely through the clutter and he is threatening to evict her and her pets. Lisa will not be allowed back in until she cleans the house, and gets rid of her dozens of animals.

Episode 21 Hanna/Kathy & Gary
S 3 E 21

Hanna/Kathy & Gary

Aired on Jan 03, 2011

Hanna has hoarded herself and her 200 chickens out of her house and is now living with the chickens in a windowless, unheated trailer. As winter sets in, she and her chickens face freezing to death if their original home is not cleaned out so they can all move back in. In addition to the chickens, Hanna has an assortment of farm animals, some of which are in horrible shape and need immediate attention. When Levana and Todd rented out their newly purchased dream home to make ends meet, they had no idea that their tenants, Kathy and Gary, would hoard the home and destroy it by letting 30 rabbits run loose inside the house. Unbelievably, the homeowners are willing to give the hoarders a second chance if they clean up their act.

Episode 20 Mary & Mary Ann
S 3 E 20

Mary & Mary Ann

Aired on Dec 27, 2010

Mary has blown through over $200,000 of an inheritance buying items for the consignment shop she owns. But many of the items never make it from her hoarded home into her cluttered store. Her family says she will go broke by January unless she immediately gets help with her shop and her house. Mary Ann’s hoard is so out of control that her husband of 42 years will divorce her unless she cleans up. Their constant fighting over the hoard has taken this once loving couple and turned their lives into a battleground.

Episode 19 Andrew/Lydia
S 3 E 19


Aired on Dec 20, 2010

19-year-old Andrew’s mother is a hoarder, and after living in the hoard his entire life, he has learned no other way to live. Stuck in a hoarded house, with no job, no motivation and no direction, Andrew says he needs to get his hoarding under control now in order to have a chance at a normal life. Lydia’s son Michael was critically injured in a car accident and is about to be discharged from the hospital. If she doesn’t clean her property to make room for him in her hoarded house, he will be transferred to a nursing home.

Episode 18 Andrew/Shania
S 3 E 18


Aired on Dec 13, 2010

Andrew’s home is an eyesore in a neighborhood of million dollar homes. The exterior and interior are completely hoarded, there’s no running water, and Andrew has allowed a homeless man to create a makeshift shelter in his front yard. Now Andrew’s brother has called Adult Protective Services. He must clean up or they will remove him and all his belongings from the home without his consent. 14-year-old Shania has three rooms filled with broken toys and old clothes that she refuses to get rid of–behavior she learned from her parents Belinda and Kevin. All three are hoarders. But now mom Belinda, depressed about the situation, has threatened to leave if they don’t ALL address their hoarding and get help.

Episode 17 Jim/Susan
S 3 E 17


Aired on Dec 06, 2010

On August 6th, the Police, the Fire Department, C.P.S. and Code Enforcement all descended upon Jim’s house and told his family it was uninhabitable. Because of decades of hoarding, he is estranged from his siblings and his children. If he does not clean up now, Jim and his wife will be homeless and the grandchildren that he has custody of will become wards of the state. A towering hoard that included hundreds of dolls forced Susan and Bill out of their home and into a hotel. Now they have depleted all their funds, including their retirement account, and have moved back in, forcing a critically ill Bill to sleep on the basement floor. Their daughter has threatened to call Adult Protective Services if the hoard doesn’t get cleaned up soon.

Episode 16 Arline/Carolyn
S 3 E 16


Aired on Nov 29, 2010

Arline’s hoard has reached such immense proportions that her six-foot-three husband Richard has been sleeping in his car each night in the oppressive heat of a Hawaii summer. He is trying to recover from heart and prostate surgery in the car because it’s a better option for him than the inside of his home. Carolyn’s family is about to press charges against her for theft if she doesn’t come clean with her hoard and return stolen items to the appropriate owners. Carolyn’s “finders, keepers” behavior has reached such extremes that her grown children have locked her out of their homes.

Episode 15 Lloyd/Carol
S 3 E 15


Aired on Nov 15, 2010

Lloyd’s home is so filled that he’s been forced to live in one of the many trailers on his property. He’s now facing $150,000 in fines from the county if he doesn’t clean up his 2.5 acre hoard. If Carol doesn’t clean up, her husband, Kelvin, will divorce her. Kelvin has already moved out of his bug and vermin infested home only to return temporarily for the sake of his teenage daughter. If the piles of garbage and paper, and the infestations aren’t cleaned up soon, Kelvin will leave his wife for good.

Episode 14 Al/Julie
S 3 E 14


Aired on Nov 08, 2010

Al used to take his three-year-old son dumpster diving, but Child Protective Services recently removed the child from his home. Al’s hoarding has become such an eye-sore that he’s also facing $2,500 a day in fines by the county. Julie’s hoarding has reached such great heights that no one realized a homeless woman was living among the mounds of stuff in her basement. Her husband harbors years of resentment that explode into heated arguments on a daily basis. Now Julie must address her hoarding or her husband will leave her.

Episode 13 Theresa/Karen
S 3 E 13


Aired on Nov 01, 2010

Not even losing several inches of her intestine to gangrene has stopped Theresa from hoarding and eating expired food. She has also spent the bulk of her husband’s retirement funds on thousands of luxury handbags and shoes. If she doesn’t get her hoarding under control, and sell off some of her belongings, she and her husband face certain foreclosure on their home. 42 year-old Karen was once a prominent attorney, but after losing her three month-old baby to SIDS, her world crumbled and she resorted to drugs, alcohol and hoarding to ease the pain. Because she has attempted suicide in the past, her husband lives in constant fear for her life, and each day amidst the hoard is an uphill battle for Karen’s survival.

Episode 12 Mary Lynn/Ingrid
S 3 E 12

Mary Lynn/Ingrid

Aired on Oct 25, 2010

Mary Lynn’s 14 year-old-son Jacob would rather be in foster care than live with his own mother in her hoarded house. He recently fabricated a story about his mother beating him as a means of getting Child Protective Services involved. CPS now makes regular visits to the house and if Mary Lynn doesn’t make progress fast she could lose her son forever. Home shopping junky, Ingrid, has let her hoarding take over her home. Unopened boxes fill rooms to the point that it is impossible to use almost the entire house. For years she’s been suffering from a range of mysterious illness, and the source is hiding under all the clutter.

Episode 11 Tami/George
S 3 E 11


Aired on Oct 18, 2010

Tami is battling cancer and her last hope for survival is a bone marrow transplant. But the condition of her home is getting in the way of her treatment. Years breeding hundreds of rats has left rodent feces and hair covering every surface, and her floor to ceiling hoard has driven her children from her life. Now her home must be cleaned out so she has a place to recuperate, or sadly, to die. George has hundreds of unfinished projects spread about the family farm. They fill a garage, a barn, a basement and even spill out across the property. His hoarding his strained relationships with his siblings, his wife, and his daughters, and now he faces stiff penalties and jail time if he can’t get the property in order.

Episode 10 Dawn/Linda
S 3 E 10


Aired on Oct 11, 2010

After losing a cousin on 9/11, Dawn’s hoarding spiraled out of control, filling much of the house and part of the yard. The city will impose fines of $1000/day if she doesn’t clean up. And her husband, worried what Child Protective Services would do if they knew the full extent of the hoard, has threatened to take their two teenage daughters and leave. Linda’s hoard is so bad that her diabetic husband is unable to maneuver through the home by himself. On most days, while she is at work, he is confined to an upstairs bedroom with little access to food and water. If Linda does not address her hoarding now their daughter will have her father removed by Adult Protective Services and cut off all contact with her mother.

Episode 9 Kathleen/Margree
S 3 E 9


Aired on Oct 04, 2010

Kathleen’s hoard is so bad that her son gave up his college scholarship for fear of leaving his 16-year-old sister home alone with their mother. The kitchen doesn’t function and the hoard is being used to support sagging doorways to unusable rooms. Now Kathleen’s sister Paula will use her law degree to petition the courts to remove her 16 year-old niece from the home unless Kathleen cleans up. Margree married a minister two years ago, but her home was so hoarded he was never able to move in. Out of frustration over her unwillingness to clean, he has separated from her and now rents his own apartment. He is giving her one last shot to clean, or the marriage is over.

Episode 8 Vula / Lisa
S 3 E 8

Vula / Lisa

Aired on Sep 27, 2010

Vula is hoarding more than 30 sickly cats that have completely destroyed her home. They have used every square inch of the house as a litter box, including the kitchen, which is filled with piles of hoarded food. Animal Control and the city attorney have now stepped in, leaving Vula no choice but to clean up or face eviction and the demolition of her home. Lisa, a 30-year-old fifth grade teacher, has already lost one job by bringing her hoard from home to the classroom. She now fears that her current job is at stake and that her three-year relationship with her boyfriend is suffering. As her mother and sister help with the clean-up it becomes clear that hoarding runs deeper in the family than anyone has been willing to admit.

Episode 7 Laura/Penny
S 3 E 7


Aired on Sep 20, 2010

Laura has terminal cancer and is in fragile health, but sleeping or resting is nearly impossible. The only open spot she can lay her head on is two-thirds of the living room couch. It’s a couch surrounded by plastic bins, toys, boxes, scrap-book and crafts supplies, rotting furniture, magazines, and a carpet stained by cat urine. Laura’s hoarding has greatly strained her relationship with her husband and daughters. She knows this is her last chance to unburden her family and give them back a home free of her clutter and misery. Penny is a 44-year-old single mom of two. Her three-bedroom home is so hoarded that her toddler son has been forced to sleep with her on the living room couch. Her refrigerator doesn’t work and there’s a terrible smell in her older son’s bedroom. Penny has already had run-ins with Child Protective Services. Now she lives in fear that CPS will show up and remove her children.

Episode 6 Carolyn/Jo
S 3 E 6


Aired on Sep 13, 2010

Carolyn’s seven-year-old daughter is so distraught about her mother’s hoarding that she has been leaving notes around the house saying, “It would be better off if I were killed.” Carolyn must get control of her hoarding or face not only Social Services but perhaps a much more tragic consequence. Jo’s house is a collector’s dream, filled with thousands of plates, crosses, pots, glassware, and clocks. But her hoard is destroying her marriage of 48 years to her husband, Ed. He feels robbed of his retirement and has moved out once. If Jo does not address the problem, the marriage could be over.

Episode 5 Robin/Ken
S 3 E 5


Aired on Sep 13, 2010

The stench emanating from Robin’s home can be smelled from the street. The garbage inside is piled from floor to ceiling and the house is literally caving in around it. The hoard is so bad that the city has condemned the house and has plans to demolish the property and send Robin and her father a bill for $30,000. They have resorted to sleeping in cars, parks and now a low income housing development. Robin’s only hope of saving her home is to clean it out. Ken is just weeks from a court date where he faces six months in jail if he doesn’t clean up his home and yard. His hoarding has strained his marriage and his wife and three-year-old son moved out when Child Protective Services started to investigate. The kitchen is filled with old food. Piles in the house and yard are three to five feet high and neighbors have complained of rats, mice, roaches and other infestations. Ken must clean up now or pay the ultimate price.

Episode 3 Adella/Teri
S 3 E 3


Aired on Sep 06, 2010

Just weeks before he died, Adella’s estranged husband asked their daughter to help her mother clean up one last time. Adella’s hoarding has already cost her a previous house, her marriage and relationships with her children. Now, despite years of conflict, her daughters feel they must honor their father by helping to save their mother’s home from being condemned by the city. Teri’s husband is so fed up with her hoarding that he is threatening divorce. The couple’s two young children are forced to live in a home so cluttered that the front door doesn’t fully open. They suffer from severe asthma, and each child shares a bed with parents who no longer speak with one another. Conditions are so bad that Dr. Zasio feels legally compelled to call Child Protective Services soon after arriving at the home.

Episode 2 Betty, Jill, Jake & Bill Update
S 3 E 2

Betty, Jill, Jake & Bill Update

Aired on May 31, 2010

In this special follow-up episode we check in on the progress of Jill, Jake, Betty, Bill and Paul from our first season.

Episode 1 Michelle/Kim
S 3 E 1


Aired on May 31, 2010

The small paths in Michelle’s house are the only way she can get to her collection of more than 60 birds. Her husband of 30 years has been chased from the home by the animals and the hoarded piles that in some places reach five feet high. Michelle must now put her family’s needs ahead of her birds and clean the house so that her husband can come home. Kim is a beautiful 34-year-old pharmaceutical sales rep who risks unemployment if she can’t get her hoarding under control. Her job requires meticulous records of her legal drug sales, but she can’t keep anything organized or find anything in all of her clutter.

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