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S 3 E 13


Nov 01, 2010 | 44m 11s | tv-pg l | CC

Not even losing several inches of her intestine to gangrene has stopped Theresa from hoarding and eating expired food. She has also spent the bulk of her husband’s retirement funds on thousands of luxury handbags and shoes. If she doesn’t get her hoarding under control, and sell off some of her belongings, she and her husband face certain foreclosure on their home. 42 year-old Karen was once a prominent attorney, but after losing her three month-old baby to SIDS, her world crumbled and she resorted to drugs, alcohol and hoarding to ease the pain. Because she has attempted suicide in the past, her husband lives in constant fear for her life, and each day amidst the hoard is an uphill battle for Karen’s survival.

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