Episode 1 What Lies Under Here
S 1 E 1

What Lies Under Here

Aired on Jun 06, 2019

On the premiere episode of Hero Ink, star of Live PD and PD Cam Sean “Sticks” Larkin drops by Prison Break Tattoos to get an inspiring message permanently inked on his chest by Houston firefighter Robbie. A retiring Arizona police officer gets his shield tattooed right next to the scar from the bullet that nearly took his life, and a local officer recalls the time she survived an attempted carjacking by two gun-wielding suspects.

Episode 2 K-9 Hero
S 1 E 2

K-9 Hero

Aired on Jun 06, 2019

California K-9 officer Matthew Harger gets a paw print and badge tattooed on his leg as a tribute to his partner Thor who saved his life during a call. A gang unit sergeant gets himself back on the streets after losing his leg in a shootout, and a young New Hampshire State Trooper battles back from being struck by a vehicle while making an arrest.

Episode 3 Never Forget
S 1 E 3

Never Forget

Aired on Jun 13, 2019

Retired New York City firefighter Tim Brown wants his first tattoo to be in honor of the 343 fellow firefighters and all the other first responders who lost their lives at the World Trade Center on 9/11. A twenty year veteran detective commemorates four of the children who were murdered when she worked Child Homicide, and Robbie tattoos a fellow firefighter from Atlanta.

Episode 4 Training Day
S 1 E 4

Training Day

Aired on Jun 13, 2019

Intense body-cam footage captures a life or death struggle between a suspect and a young police officer who comes in for a battle-worn Spartan helmet tattoo. An off duty K9 officer springs into action when a wildfire threatens to destroy her town and her family home.

Episode 5 The North Hollywood Shootout
S 1 E 5

The North Hollywood Shootout

Aired on Jun 20, 2019

Legendary Los Angeles SWAT team leader, Rick Massa, recounts the 1997 Bank of America robbery and shootout which changed the face of police tactics across the country. New Jersey K-9 officer Brian Howarth pays tribute to the dog who worked with him during recovery efforts at Ground Zero after 9/11.

Episode 6 Partners For Life
S 1 E 6

Partners For Life

Aired on Jun 20, 2019

Partners Chris and David commemorate a life and death struggle with a shotgun toting suspect who nearly took Chris’s life. A Border Patrol officer who helped in rescue efforts following Hurricane Harvey returns to Houston for a Saint Michael tattoo. Tennessee K-9 officer Kayla tells how her dog captured a child rapist.

Episode 7 Ambushed
S 1 E 7


Aired on Jun 27, 2019

Police Chief Ronald Sanchez memorializes three fellow officers who were ambushed and killed almost twenty years ago. A paramedic turned police officer saves lives when a tornado rips through his hometown of Norman, OK. We meet one of the lifesaving dispatchers from a 911 call center in Maryland.

Episode 8 War Dog
S 1 E 8

War Dog

Aired on Jun 27, 2019

A former combat veteran and Special Operations K-9 handler tattoos his war-dog Remco onto his arm. Heidi Williamson, one of two female Sheriffs in the entire state of Montana, recalls the time she single-handedly disarmed a suspect who was holding a gun to her head.

Episode 9 Deadly Day in Dallas
S 1 E 9

Deadly Day in Dallas

Aired on Jun 27, 2019

Shatamia Taylor gets tattooed to honor the five police officers who were gunned down by a crazed shooter at a rally in Dallas, TX. An off-duty firefighter shares the story behind his daring rescue after a plane crashes on an LA highway, and a young female officer tells her harrowing tale of survival after being shot repeated with an assault rifle.

Episode 10 Never Off Duty
S 1 E 10

Never Off Duty

Aired on Jun 27, 2019

A police officer from California, who was off duty at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, shares his personal story of saving lives and getting shot during the largest mass shooting in US history which left 58 people dead. A former NYPD officer gets tattooed by his best friend and brother in blue, Rich. A domestic violence survivor gets a tattoo to honor the Ohio SWAT team who rescued her from a thirty hour hostage ordeal.

Episode 11 Never Give Up
S 1 E 11

Never Give Up

Aired on Jul 11, 2019

A married pair of police officers, Stephanie and Kyle, share a lion tattoo to remember the night Stephanie was shot on the job. A California firefighter’s motto “Never Give Up” plays an important part in his tattoo as he recalls the time he pulled a dog from a burning building. A Texas SWAT officer recounts a horrific family hostage situation.

Episode 12 Against All Odds
S 1 E 12

Against All Odds

Aired on Jul 11, 2019

Former Houston PD officer Jason Roy shares his miraculous story of survival and recovery after a near-fatal car wreck during a high speed chase. Janice tattoos an Oklahoma police officer who became an internet sensation after putting a donkey in the back of his squad car, and an EMT gets tattooed to help her deal with the psychological scars that come with the job.

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