Ghost Hunters Tech Guide: Budget Tech

Paranormal investigators with deep pockets can hit up any of the many specialty sites online that sell equipment for hunting spirits, but not everyone has the money to buy the newest and best tech available. However, that's not as much of an obstacle as you might think. In fact, you might be surprised at some of the low-tech, commonplace items the Ghost Hunters have used to capture evidence over the years.

Here are a few of the gadgets used by the Ghost Hunters team that you might be able to find laying around the house right now.

1Half-Inflated Helium Balloon

A half-inflated balloon

Grant, Team Leader: "I use powdered smoke, primarily used in the HVAC industry, to locate drafts in order to disprove people feeling their hair being touched, cold spots, phantom breaths, drafts that could close doors, etc. A half-inflated helium balloon works as well."

2Baby Powder

Small footprints left in a pile of talcum powder on a wooden floor

Grant: "Talcum power on poster board is a very simple way to capture foot prints or fingerprints."


A compass sits on a wooden table

Mustafa, Researcher/Historian: "The easiest piece of equipment? A compass. You can tell when electromagnetic fields are being thrown off simply by using a compass."

4Crepe Paper

The Ghost Hunters

Grant: "Crepe paper makes a great motion detector."


Ghost hunter Brian is pointing his flashlight right at you

Brian: "My favorite piece of equipment is myself. I am my best tool. I know how I think, how I react, and how to put the puzzles together."


Grant: "The best tool in our arsenal, in my opinion, is our minds. Discerning, caring, and putting pieces together, is the key to making this all work. We couldn't help anyone with equipment alone."