Ghost Hunters Tech Guide: The Future

Even with all the technology currently available to ghost hunters, evidence of paranormal entities is still frustratingly difficult to come by. In a perfect world, even more mind-blowing gadgets would be available to anyone who was looking to see what lies beyond the veil.

Here are a few devices that the Ghost Hunters wish were real right now.

1Ghost Camera

A camera with ghosts in the viewfinder

Daryl, Co-Lead Investigator: "Cameras that would let you see a spirit in its form when they were alive."


Brian, Investigator: "I would like a way to see the physical form of an entity. Apparitions are rare. Something that can show "form" I think could end a lot of skepticism and really be a reason for this field to become an acknowledged science."

2Ghost Trap

A ghost caught in an animal trap

Richel, Investigator: "Something to capture a ghost, like in Ghostbusters!"

3Ghost Smartphone

A lady sees a ghost on her smartphone

Kristen, Co-Lead Investigator: "A way for us to really communicate that we knew was foolproof."


Mustafa, Researcher/Historian: "A Ghost Smartphone would be amazing. If I could establish a direct connection to an entity to find out what they want or why they're in a place with no uncertain terms, that'd be amazing. You could send pictures, record all audio... it'd be a dream come true."


Grant, Team Leader: "Something that would allow us to speak with the other side and provide data to ensure it is really happening. I don't want to know all the mysteries of the universe. That would ruin the surprise. I just want to more easily communicate with them so that I can help more entities more easily, and therefore, help the living much more easily."

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