Ghost Hunters Tech Guide: Audio

Each of the Ghost Hunters believes a good, old fashioned audio recorder is the one of the first pieces of technology an aspiring paranormal investigator should invest in.

Brandon, the team's tech specialist, says, "I always recommend a digital audio recorder. It is easy to use and can be tested by a professional from a technical industry." In other words, capturing a disembodied voice is great, but it's even better to be able to use technology to prove that the audio is authentic, and hasn't been manipulated.

Here are a few of the audio devices used by the Ghost Hunters team.

1Binaural Microphones

Binaural microphones mimic human ears!

Brandon, Tech Specialist: "Binaural Microphones are designed to mimic human hearing. This mic gives up superhuman hearing abilities."


Grant, Team Leader: "These microphones actually look like human ears. When they are spaced apart, as they are on the human head, these microphones mimic human hearing and amplify it."

2Digital Audio Recorder

A digital audio recorder in use during a ghost hunt

Kristen, Co-Lead Investigator: "The audio recorder lets us record evidence of disembodied voices or EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)."


Grant: "My favorite piece of equipment. Digital or analog, a voice recorder is simply used to capture the audio of a location and for capturing EVPs, which are voices captured on recording equipment that weren't heard at the time of recording. Capturing a voice that wasn't supposed to be there is pretty convincing evidence that something strange is going on, but the information you can get from even one word is huge. You can not only gauge if the entity is intelligently interactive, but from the tone alone you can potentially discern the entity's gender, nationality, relative age, time period, mental state and more. Much more than you would get from just looking at a picture or video of a shadow figure."

3Tesla Speaker

A Tesla Speaker in action

Grant: "Tesla speakers play music not from speakers but through the plasma that is generated by a small Tesla coil. We almost never use it for music. We only use it to release energy into the air that an entity could potentially draw from."

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