My Life in Fast-Forward

I've Just Had the Scariest Experience…

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    I've Just Had the Scariest Experience…

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      I've Just Had the Scariest Experience…

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      May 20, 2018

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…of my life! The last 24 hours have been insane. It went from one of the best days of my life to the worst, and being chased by men with guns!

Okay, let me back up. I had translated the Chinese in that manga journal Norman found, and I was convinced the story from the journal was real. Norman didn’t believe it was, but there was even a drawing of this famous mountain in our area. So I convinced him to go out there with me to check it out and see if we could find this shed. That’s when Norman and I kissed — that’s the best day part.

So I thought Norman and I would spend the day together. Maybe have a picnic or something, just hanging out. I’ve never done that before. It’d be fun.

We go out into the woods looking around, and these two guys suddenly appear with guns and chase us! We had stumbled upon their stupid pot field, and I guess they thought we were going to take it or something. But they were scary and seriously going to hurt us.

We barely got out of there. We hid from them, I was so scared, but we got away. I just hope they didn’t see who we were. Or see my car or the license plate. I mean, what if they come to my house and try to kill me? This is crazy. I’m jumping at every little sound. I’m having trouble sleeping. Is this what James Bond feels like? Maybe I’m not cut out to be a spy.

But Norman and I saw the shed. Now I KNOW the story from his manga is real. I know Jiao and those other girls are real and were here. The guy who used to own the motel before Norman’s family was a real jerk, so it wouldn’t surprise me that he’d do something like this.

But I’m going to find this girl. She’s my age and in a completely foreign country. She’s gone through so many horrible things. I’ve got to help her. If I don’t, who will? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!

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