Norman's Dog…

…was ran over by a truck. I feel so sad for him, it’s bad enough that I hurt his feelings, but then his dog had to get killed. I guess it was just a series of unfortunate events.

Anyways, Norman has decided to keep Juno’s memory alive by turning her into taxidermy. He’s been coming over to my dad’s house/shop everyday after school and learning the tricks of the animal stuffing trade. I’m glad he’s been spending more time here, so I’ll get to see him more often and he’ll be able to keep my Dad company.

I think my Dad always wished that I was a boy, so he could have a son. Dad always wanted me to get in to the family business of dead animals, but I always felt it a bit gross. I guess it’s pretty ironic that Norman has been working with my Dad, when I just got a job at the motel with his mom.

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