Kiele Sanchez as Callie Cargill on The Glades

Callie Cargill Played by Kiele Sanchez

Callie Cargill is a tough nut to crack. She’s a pretty, quick-witted driven woman who leads a very complicated life. She is working as a nurse while attending medical school and is completely devoted to her studying and to her son, Jeff, who she had been raising alone after her husband Ray was sent to prison. She’s amused and annoyed by Longworth’s pursuit of her, but is also intrigued by him and may be interested in a relationship, despite her general dislike of cops.

The closing of Palm Glade Hospital forces Callie to accept the job offer presented to her by Atlanta General Hospital and move to Atlanta. There she initially butts heads with her supervisor Dr. Miranda Buckley, but eventually Callie wins her over as a close friend and finds success in the program. As her house in Palm Glade falls apart and her work and studies consume her life, she considers moving Jeff up to Atlanta and continuing her career there. After passing her boards, her career seems set until Jim arrives and asks her to return to Palm Glade as his wife.

Kiele Sanchez

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