American Hoggers Season 4

Season 4 : Episode 1

The Replacement

Premiere Date: Oct 22 2013 TVPG V-L

In Florida, Tom surprises the girls with some news: he's bringing in his friend Dynamite to help with the workload, and Krystal and Lea are forced to hunt alone with a sluggish vehicle and unfamiliar dogs. Their frustration grows, but they show the boys they can handle it. In Texas, it's new girl Katie's first day on the hunt, and Jerry's "new and improved Krystal" hobbles her first hog. But with Jerry is flirting up a storm, Robert is feeling pretty stormy himself--he thinks that Katie is just another distraction, and that her days are numbered.

Season 4 : Episode 2

Divide and Conquer

Premiere Date: Oct 22 2013 TVPG V-L

Tom proposes a "friendly competition" between the guys and girls to see who can catch more hogs. The girls agree, and add one condition: dead hogs don't count. But Krystal falls prey to her own rule when she's forced to stab a hog. In Texas, Jerry continues his flirtatious ways with Katie, who's left to tackle her own hog while Robert goes after one in the river. With Jerry nowhere in sight, Katie drags her hog to the Jeep, while Robert shoots a hog to save his dogs from cramping up in the freezing water. Jerry applauds Katie's dirty work. But Katie hasn't won over Robert just yet.

Season 4 : Episode 3

Makin' Tracks

Premiere Date: Oct 29 2013 TVPG V-L

Jerry is thrilled with Katie's progress, and initiates her into the Campbell clan by giving her a six-shooter bearing the family crest. Katie takes the gesture a little too literally: she goes to shoot a hog surrounded by dogs, and Robert has to step in to stop her. Jerry chalks it up to a teaching moment. But Robert is a little less forgiving--until he faces a feisty hog, and Katie comes to his aid. In Florida, Tom and the girls are on the trail of a cash hog that could pay off the remainder of the girls' Jeep, but in the heat of the hobble, Tom stabs the hog dead. Have the girls finally had enough?

Season 4 : Episode 4

Real Texas Hero

Premiere Date: Oct 29 2013 TVPG V-L

Jerry lands a job of a lifetime: cleaning hogs off the ranch of Dean Smith, an Olympic medalist and former stunt double for John Wayne. Jerry takes this work for a "real Texas hero with a real Texas hog problem" very seriously; Robert says he hasn't seen Jerry so motivated to hunt in a long time. Krystal and Lea return from Florida with a big hole in their pockets where the profits were supposed to be, and to top it all off--they discover that their Jeep has been repossessed. With no Jeep to hunt, Krystal heads home to retrieve an antique pistol to pawn for some quick cash, and comes face-to-face with Katie.

Season 4 : Episode 5


Premiere Date: Nov 05 2013 TVPG V-L

After seeing Krystal at the homestead, Jerry misses his baby girl and wonders if he can ever truly replace her. Meanwhile, Krystal uses her semi-automatic and Lea slings arrows when they get a job hunting exotics to make enough to get their Jeep out of repo jail.

Season 4 : Episode 6

Two Steps Forward

Premiere Date: Nov 05 2013 TVPG V-L

Jerry wishes he had Krystal back on the team, but he knows he's got to lean on Katie as the team plugs away on the Dean Smith job. Krystal and Lea continue to struggle on the watermelon farm and get a big shock when the farmer tells them he's bringing in someone else to help: Jerry Campbell!

Season 4 : Episode 7

Campbell vs. Campbell

Premiere Date: Nov 12 2013 TVPG V-L

While Krystal and Lea battle cacti and barbed wire in an all-out fight to land a hog on the watermelon farm, Jerry is done feeling soft for her and says he's going to give her some tough love. It's the second time Jerry and Robert have faced off against the girls on the same property, but this will be the first time that Katie's in the picture. So it's game on.

Season 4 : Episode 8

Blazed and Confused

Premiere Date: Nov 12 2013 TVPG V-L

Krystal makes a terrible mistake in the heat of the watermelon hunt that threatens the life of a loved one. And Jerry gets a big surprise when he goes all the way down to Mexico on a job.

Season 4 : Episode 9

Sweet Revenge

Premiere Date: Nov 19 2013 TVPG V-L

When Jerry and revenge-obsessed Ronnie butt heads in an all-out hog-off, Jerry unleashes his secret weapon. Meanwhile, the girls get back in action in a big way, and Robert helps Katie go after one huge, ornery hog.

Season 4 : Episode 10

And the Winner Is

Premiere Date: Nov 19 2013 TVPG V-L

As the war against the Creeks begins, a confident Ronnie bets his entire pool of money. The Creeks start cleaning up, but the Campbells keep the score close. At the end, Jerry tells his team who won. Campbells or Creeks: which side do you have your money on?

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