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  Oops, I Tatted Again

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Oops, I Tatted Again

Premiere Date : Feb 10, 2014

Dirk and Ruckus get a call from Tonyia, a single mother who got a hilariously bad tattoo after losing a bet to her ex-husband over a game of pool. Only Dirk can help Tonyia transform this tattoo from a "prime piece of meat" to something more suitable. Next they head to the Vegas hotspot, Tatuado, where they meet Nick, a "flair" bartender with a little bit of his own bad tattoo flair. Later on, while patrolling the strip, Dirk and Ruckus meet Mike and Sasha, a young couple looking to the tie the knot. But before Sasha can finally say yes, she wants Dirk to cover up not one, but two of Mike's tattoos dedicated to a previous relationship.

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  • Tat in the Hat
    Video: Tat in the Hat WATCH FULL EPISODES
  • I guarantee we'll be able to find some freaks out here today.
    Rob Ruckus
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  • Covering Up Tonyia's Pool Bet Tattoo
    Video: Covering Up Tonyia's Pool Bet Tattoo WATCH NOW
  • Dirk's Work Leads To A Proposal
    Video: Dirk's Work Leads To A Proposal WATCH NOW
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