Kari Burke from Wahlburgers on A&E

Kari Burke

As the newest member of the Wahlburgers family operation, Kari Burke is hard at work at becoming an essential member of Chef Paul Wahlberg’s team – and that is no easy task. As Paul’s new assistant and Operations Manager, Kari has been thrown into the hectic world of the Wahlberg family but is holding her own in hopes of gaining Paul’s trust.

Born in Rochester, Kari’s love of fashion led her to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She eventually made her way back to Boston to be closer to her family and begin a career in executive recruitment. It wasn’t long before a series of events and connections led her to Alma Wahlberg, who was in need of an assistant for her very self-reliant son, Paul. The rest, as they say, is history.

As Kari begins to find her place on the Wahlberg team, everyone will eventually come to find that with her love of style, responsibility, and family (including her beloved dog, Maggie) and her street smarts, she fits right in.