Johnny Drama from Wahlburgers on A&E

Johnny "Drama" Alves

As the story goes, when Johnny auditioned for the roll of himself on HBO’s “Entourage,” he didn’t get the part. Nevertheless, Johnny Alves is the real life “Drama” and a close “cuzin” of Mark Wahlberg. A music man through and through, Drama worked in the record industry and was assigned by Mark’s brother Donnie to keep the tough young rapper on the straight and narrow.

After touring, both men traveled back to the Boston area. On a visit to Johnny’s mother’s house, Drama introduced Mark to his mother, and Mark realized she was the woman that prayed with him and the prisoners while Mark was incarcerated. Realizing their connection, the two became family, with Drama adopting the moniker “cuzin.”

Ever the entertainers, Johnny and Mark moved back to LA as Mark’s career grew. And despite losing out on the “Entourage” role, Drama was hired to use his acute musical sense as music supervisor for the show. In the wake of Entourage’s season finale, Drama recently moved his wife and kids from LA and back to the Boston area where he continues to hang out with Mark and the boys whenever he can.