Bob Wahlberg from Wahlburgers on A&E

Bob Wahlberg

Bob, the seventh of nine Wahlberg kids, has the unique distinction of being the only Wahlberg who still resides in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester – and is extremely proud of it.

Aside from his job at a local power company, like his star younger brothers, Bob also acts on occasion. He appeared in Boston-area blockbusters Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, and The Departed, and can be seen this fall in the Denzel Washington film, The Equalizer. But without question the most important thing in Bob’s life is his family.

Married for nearly twenty years, Bob and his wife Gina have two kids; son Oscar and daughter Charlie. He and both of his kids share a great love of baseball and Bob encourages and supports them to try all types of sports and activities in order to discover what they love most.

Bob admires all of his siblings for different reasons and looks to each of them at times for advice and insight. In all, Bob’s motto is to live life honestly, and stand behind his word – especially when it comes to family.