Season 1 (10)

2 Seasons | 20 Episodes, 10 Unlocked

Episode 1 Animal House vs. Madison Madhouse
S 1 E 1

Animal House vs. Madison Madhouse

Aired on Oct 02, 2021

Jamil and team have a decision to make. There are two houses, but, they can only flip one. The first house is completely cringeworthy with rooms filled with piles of junk, the stench of animals, and pigeons. The second house has some structural issues outside, but they weren’t even able to get inside to check it out. Who knows what nightmare is on the other side of those walls? After debating which way to go, Jamil, Pace, Rahima and Laura dive in. Faced with a tight timeline and some unexpected hurdles, will the dream team end up with a nightmare of a flip?

Episode 2 Noisy Proposition v. Potential Addition
S 1 E 2

Noisy Proposition v. Potential Addition

Aired on Oct 09, 2021

Jamil and Pace hunt for a fix and flip in two very different neighborhoods. And they need to make a big decision: are they up for adding an addition and going all out with their design? Or do they want to play it a bit safer with a mostly cosmetic reno? Different homes with one thing in common: road noise. It is something that can be a turnoff for buyers. But they’re hoping Rahima’s over the top outdoor oasis will distract the buyers from the unpleasant sounds. And with Laura listing the house for top dollar, everyone on the team is asking: will this home get the team the coveted triple digit flip?

Episode 3 Tiny 20th St. vs. Deeply Dated
S 1 E 3

Tiny 20th St. vs. Deeply Dated

Aired on Oct 16, 2021

For Jamil and team, it is all about the return on investment! After looking at two radically different homes, they are torn over which one to choose. Finally, they settle on the house that’s in a hot Phoenix neighborhood. But when Rahima shocks Jamil with a big renovation budget, he becomes concerned their profit might not hit their six figure goal. And things get even more heated when brother and sister find themselves at odds over the design vision for this latest project. Will Rahima bring this outdated home up to Jamil’s modern standards? Or will it be a fight to the finish between the two siblings as they try to score another Triple Digit Flip?

Episode 4 Lemon vs. Lemonade
S 1 E 4

Lemon vs. Lemonade

Aired on Oct 23, 2021

Jamil and his team are on the hunt for their next flip in the greater Phoenix area. After touring two potential homes, they must decide on which one to allocate their funds for their best shot at a triple digit flip. But a mistake by Jamil makes the decision for them, leaving the team as the owners of a less than desirable opportunity and facing a steep uphill battle to make their usual profit. With their hand forced, they set to work to bring this home from “Nope” to “Dope!” But will the team be able to overcome the mounting obstacles to find a fruitful flip? Or will Jamil be left feeling sour about the house he mistakenly bought?

Episode 5 World Famous vs. World's Worst
S 1 E 5

World Famous vs. World's Worst

Aired on Oct 30, 2021

For Jamil and his team–it’s time to choose between two houses that couldn’t be more different. Do they go with an outdated, mid-century eyesore designed by Jamil’s favorite architect? Or do they go in the opposite direction and choose a house of horrors that is filled with potential…and hazardous waste? When they finally come to a decision, the renovation is far from smooth sailing. The home they choose causes them to go over time and budget because Jamil wants nothing less than perfection in order to make this a Triple Digit Flip. Will it all pay off in the end? Or will they be left with an overdone dud?

Episode 6 Puny vs. Putrid vs. Plain
S 1 E 6

Puny vs. Putrid vs. Plain

Aired on Nov 06, 2021

Nothing makes Jamil and his team happier than a potential triple digit flip and this time they have THREE drastically different flipping opportunities to choose from. The first is a cramped starter home badly in need of an addition, which may require permits from the city. The second is a home that will require major hazmat duty, and no one except Pace and Jamil is willing to enter. And the third is a dumpy old suburban house desperately in need of a facelift. All three offer the possibility making a six-figure profit; so Jamil and his team have a tough time choosing between the tiny one, the filthy one, and the ugly duckling.

Episode 7 Floorplan Fail vs. Old Lady Layout
S 1 E 7

Floorplan Fail vs. Old Lady Layout

Aired on Nov 13, 2021

Jamil and Pace are scoping out two properties in different parts of Phoenix. The first is in an area where buyers crave space. But most of the house is a crazy labyrinth of additions and is tough to navigate, let alone figure out how to make a profit. The second home is in a more upscale part of Phoenix which a much higher asking price. This time warp of a home is so outdated that they refer to it as Grandma’s house, but if done right could net them a big profit. Rahima and Laura help the guys decide on which house to fix and flip, but some bold and unusual design choices may be a gamble that doesn’t pay off this time, leading to disagreement on the team and some real doubt about whether this will be a triple digit flip.

Episode 8 Redbrick Retro vs. Red Tape Reno
S 1 E 8

Redbrick Retro vs. Red Tape Reno

Aired on Nov 20, 2021

It’s time to choose their next flip and Jamil and Pace check out a townhome in a working-class neighborhood. But the two-story home is locked leaving them to ask–what in the world could the owner be hiding? Plus, the possibility of having to deal with an HOA makes this one feel even more challenging. The other potential flip is a redbrick house that was abandoned by a previous flipper–never a good omen. Rahima would need to do a complete redesign to turn this failed flip into a triple digit redemption. Jamil and team make a fateful choice that leads to a costly flip of epic proportions. So they bring in a dream team of artists to help make the backyard shine. But will it be enough to make this shamble of a house a success?

Episode 9 Murder Mystery vs. Bleep Box
S 1 E 9

Murder Mystery vs. Bleep Box

Aired on Dec 04, 2021

A house in the hills has always been a dream of Jamil’s. So taking on a project in a great Phoenix neighborhood with spectacular views is very enticing to the team. But, with a maze of a floorplan, the possibility of a pricey renovation, and a mysterious house history, this one might not be the best fit. The second house is a steal when it comes to the price. But it’s so small–only 576 square feet–it would need to be rebuilt, which could be a very long process. After some back and forth, the team makes a decision. But all is not well when Rahima faces some major design challenges. Will they have major buyer’s remorse? Or will they be able to turn this one into a successful triple digit flip?

Episode 10 Fire vs. Water
S 1 E 10

Fire vs. Water

Aired on Dec 11, 2021

Jamil and team are looking at two potential fix and flips and both have major issues. The first home is a single-family house that has caught fire, not once, but twice! And vandals and squatters have trashed the place which adds way more money to their potential renovation budget. The other home is a good-sized house in a gated community and it could easily be a triple digit flip. That is until they discover all sorts of issues, including major water damage, throughout the home. Jamil and team struggle to choose which house to flip, and then things seem to go wrong at every turn. Will the team be able to find ways to recover and score a triple digit flip? Or will this flip dry up any potential profits?

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