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S 6 E 1


Aired on Jul 12, 2007

In Dallas, Detective Eddie Ibarra discovers a woman shot dead in the lobby of her workplace. When he uncovers video surveillance of the murder he is given an unusual piece of evidence: an image of the killer. Ibarra takes on the difficult job of putting a name to the face.

S 6 E 2

Missing Witness / Who's Knocking

Aired on Jun 21, 2007
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S 6 E 3

20 Bucks / Family Friends

Aired on Jul 19, 2007

In Cincinnati, a teenager watching a street fight is killed by a stray bullet. With little to go on, veteran homicide Detective Bob Randolph must piece together the truth behind who pulled the trigger. In Dallas, TX Det. Rick Duggan and his team find a victim shot and left behind a vacant house. With no leads, Det. Duggan must turn to the victim’s best friend for help.

S 6 E 4

Bicycle Bandits / First Shot

Aired on Jul 26, 2007

In Miami, a recent high-school graduate is gunned down and left to die in his father’s arms. It’s up to Sgt. Eunice Cooper and her team to track down the suspects, two teens who fled the scene on bicycles. And in Cincinnati, Detective Jenny Luke is on the trail of a man who may have taken revenge on a childhood friend he thought snitched on him.

S 6 E 5

Last Birthday

Aired on Aug 02, 2007

In Cincinnati, a well-loved 58 year-old man is found shot dead in a hallway, still clutching a five-dollar bill. Detectives Matt Thompson and Doug Lindle visit the grief-stricken wife and learn the victim was murdered a day before his birthday. Thompson and Lindle rely on the help of the community to track down the suspects last seen with the victim moments before he was murdered.

S 6 E 6

Floated Away / Tagged

Aired on Aug 09, 2007
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S 6 E 7

Friend or Foe / Code of Silence

Aired on Aug 16, 2007
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S 6 E 8

Thrown Away / Crimson Trail

Aired on Aug 23, 2007
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S 6 E 9

About Face / Backyard Murder

Aired on Aug 30, 2007

On a rainy night in Detroit, Sgt. Mike Martel finds a young man shot to death in a neighborhood yard. Martel finds he must rely on a friend of the victim’s to help him close the case. And in Miami, Detectives Castillo and Castellanos work the murder of a young man brutally shot in broad daylight. To find their suspect they need to persuade the community to come forward and tell detectives what they saw.

S 6 E 10

Stepping Up / Foul Shot

Aired on Sep 13, 2007

In Dallas, a man is shot to death while trying to protect a friend outside a crowded nightclub. With little physical evidence to go on, Detective Robert Quirk must convince reluctant witnesses to tell him who pulled the trigger. In Detroit, a warm spring day turns deadly when a basketball game erupts in violence. To discover who fired the fatal shot, it’s up to Officer Jo Ann Miller to track down the players one by one.

S 6 E 11

Double Life

Aired on Sep 20, 2007

In Miami, Detective Ricardo John discovers a man stabbed to death behind an abandoned church. With no identification, the investigation hinges on identifying the victim through his fingerprints. When John finally gets a name for his victim, he is running out of time. In the final hours, John finds out that the victim has a surprise up his sleeve that throws the investigation into a tailspin.

S 6 E 12

Shooting Spree / Lady in the Fire

Aired on Oct 11, 2007

In Detroit, Officer Anthony Wright Jr. is investigating the death of a man found shot behind an abandoned house. Then Wright learns that just minutes after the homicide there had been a second shooting–and it’s on tape. In Memphis, when a woman is found dead inside a house fire, Sergeant Kevin Lundy, who spent over a year working in arson, is called to the scene. He discovers that the victim had been shot, and was likely killed by someone she knew. Lundy must find out who she had been with in the hours before her murder.

S 6 E 13

Bad Call / Ricochet

Aired on Oct 18, 2007

In Miami, FL, Detective Freddy Ponce and Sgt. Louis Melancon unravel the mystery of a man found shot dead in his car. The key to the case could be the victim’s cell phone, which was stolen shortly after the murder. In Memphis, TN, Sgts. Caroline Mason, Tony Mullins and JT Max investigate the murder of a man found shot dead in a backyard. After they capture the man they believe is their suspect, the case takes an unexpected turn.

S 6 E 14

Neighborhood Sweetheart / Hail of Gunfire

Aired on Oct 25, 2007
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S 6 E 15

Misled / Somebody's Daddy

Aired on Nov 01, 2007
In Miami, a 17-year-old is murdered and left in the back seat of his car; a young man is found shot dead in the parking lot of a Dallas housing complex.
S 6 E 16

Motel No-Tell / Brotherly Love

Aired on Nov 08, 2007

In Dallas, Detective Phil Harding investigates a brutal shooting in a motel parking lot that killed a 22-year-old and injured two of his friends. The surviving victims are the only ones who can identify the suspects. Detectives just have to convince them to talk. Then, in Memphis, Sergeants Ron Collins and Kevin Lundy must track down a murder suspect who may have fled the state. Will the suspect’s sister cooperate with detectives and turn her brother in, or will she take the fall to protect him?

S 6 E 17

The Tender Trap / Bait and Switch

Aired on Nov 29, 2007

In Miami, a mechanic is shot to death in his shop. Detective Juan Hererra and his team focus on the victim’s everyday habits to find a reason why someone would want him dead. In Dallas, a young, small-town farmer is murdered while trying to buy a used car. With only a nickname to go on, Detective John Palmer and his team need to track down the car’s seller to help them find their suspect.

S 6 E 18

Fit of Rage / Mean Streets

Aired on Dec 06, 2007

In Cincinnati, Detectives Jenny Luke & Bob Randolph find a young woman who has been strangled in her living room. Crime scene evidence leads detectives to believe she may have known her killer. In Miami, a 65-year-old man is found dead in a pool of blood. Detective Ervens Ford must track down his only lead–the victim’s stolen car–hoping to find the killer at the wheel. When the car turns up, Ford discovers a surprising twist that suggests the suspect may have hit close to home.


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