Season 4 (14)

21 Seasons | 322 Episodes

Episode 1 Loved to Death / Unmasked
S 4 E 1

Loved to Death / Unmasked

Aired on Jun 15, 2006

In Memphis, Sergeant Caroline Mason and her team respond to a convenience store shooting, where surveillance cameras captured the last few moments of a man’s life. Investigators must sift through the footage for clues that will point them to the killer. And in Miami, Detectives Fernando Bosch and Ricky Martinez are called to a wealthy high-rise condo, where the crime scene is in a blood-covered bathroom. To track down the killer, investigators follow a blood trail that leads them out of the building and into a hair-raising manhunt.

Episode 2 Inner Demons / Kids with Guns
S 4 E 2

Inner Demons / Kids with Guns

Aired on Jun 22, 2006

Miami detectives find a man murdered outside his own apartment. While hunting for the killer, they uncover the victim’s inner life, revealing a man torn between who he is and what he believes. In Memphis, a tragic triple shooting leaves two young men dead and one fighting for his life in the hospital. Detectives soon find out that the deadly shooter and his partner may be kids, too. With their only witness in critical condition, they race against the clock to catch the killers before they strike again.

Episode 3 The Witness / The Trunk
S 4 E 3

The Witness / The Trunk

Aired on Jul 06, 2006

Miami detectives Ricky Martinez and Fernando Bosch investigate the double homicide of a husband and wife. As they race against the clock to find the killer, they discover that their best witness in the case tragically also has the most at stake. And in Memphis, Sgt. Ron Collins and his team must solve the mystery behind a car discovered on the edge of town. The car’s owner had given the keys to her boyfriend three days earlier and he has been missing ever since. Now there is blood dripping from the trunk.

Episode 4 Pre-emptive Strike / Unlucky
S 4 E 4

Pre-emptive Strike / Unlucky

Aired on Jul 20, 2006

In Memphis, TN, Lt. Toney Armstrong and his team respond to a shooting where the killer may be barricaded in his apartment. Then the stand-off gives way to a dispute among friends where detectives must determine if the shooter was acting in self-defense, or not. And in Dallas, TX, Detectives Kim Sanders and Paul Ellzey start with nothing but a decomposed body, and are quickly drawn into a fast-paced manhunt to track down a mentally unstable suspect who they’re afraid might hurt someone else.

 5 Memphis Blues / Knife To The Heart
S 4 E 5

Memphis Blues / Knife To The Heart

Aired on Jul 27, 2006

Miami detectives respond to the stabbing murder of an elderly man found dead in his home. And in Memphis, Sergeant Caroline Mason investigates the murder of a young man outside of a liquor store.

 6 Special: Miami City Vice
S 4 E 6

Special: Miami City Vice

Aired on Aug 03, 2006

In a spin-off from The First 48, this special features the most popular detective from the series, Joe Schillaci. He’s passionate, crafty and charming, and uses all of these traits to track down the bad guys. Schillaci has just been promoted to Lieutenant and he has a brand new job heading up a high-profile special operations team called the Jump Out Crew.

Episode 7 The Boogie Man / Murder on Flowering Peach
S 4 E 7

The Boogie Man / Murder on Flowering Peach

Aired on Aug 17, 2006

Dallas Homicide Detectives respond to a call about a body in the charred remains of a car. Digging into the victim’s life uncovers a dangerous lifestyle with questionable friends. With each interview, a new piece of the puzzle is revealed and investigators take one step closer to the killer. In Memphis, Sergeant Tony Mullins and his team find themselves crossing state lines into neighboring Mississippi in their hunt for the person responsible for a home invasion that left one man dead.

Episode 8 The Run Around / Night Cap
S 4 E 8

The Run Around / Night Cap

Aired on Aug 24, 2006

In Memphis, Sergeant Mitch Oliver and his team respond to the murder of a man shot in his car while parked at a local mini market. In order to track down their shooter, detectives must rely on witnesses who sometimes hide more than they reveal. And in Phoenix, Detective Rosenthal is investigating the case of young man shot dead and left in the parking lot of a local bar. His biggest lead is the bar’s surveillance tape. It could reveal who the victim was with the night he was killed.

Episode 10 Fool for Love / Dumped
S 4 E 10

Fool for Love / Dumped

Aired on Sep 14, 2006

At a gruesome crime scene in Dallas, TX, Detective Rick Duggan finds a badly decomposed body. To solve the case, detectives delve into the victim’s past leading them on a trail lined with love and deceit. In Memphis, a dead body mysteriously dumped in an empty field has Detective Tim Helldorfer and his team scrambling for leads.

Episode 11 The Wrong Man / Five Points Payback
S 4 E 11

The Wrong Man / Five Points Payback

Aired on Sep 21, 2006

On a rain-soaked Memphis morning, Sgts. Tony Mullins and Mitch Oliver respond to a drive-by shooting, and learn that the victim is an innocent bystander. The man who says he was the intended target lead Mullins and Oliver on a manhunt for two brothers alleged to be the driver and the shooter. And in Dallas, when a man is shot to death in a van, Det. Dale Lundberg must untangle a web of conflicting stories about the man’s identity to try to find his killer.

 12 Candy Lady / Best of Friends
S 4 E 12

Candy Lady / Best of Friends

Aired on Sep 28, 2006

In Memphis, Sgts. Ashton and Mason hunt for the killer of a beloved neighborhood Candy Lady, shot through her closed front door. And in Miami, Det. Ford and Ruggiero track the killer of a 17-year old shot in a section called Pork and Beans.

Episode 13 Family Affair / The Hustler
S 4 E 13

Family Affair / The Hustler

Aired on Oct 05, 2006

In Dallas, a young woman is found stabbed, beaten, and burned on a bed. The victim’s 12-year-old niece and her mother are missing. Lead Detective Dale Lundberg soon discovers that this murder is extremely personal. In Memphis, Sgt. Mitch Oliver is investigating the homicide of a pool hustler found dead in a seedy motel room. The victim’s car is nowhere to be found. Oliver hopes if he finds the car, he’ll find his suspect.

Episode 14 Motel Massacre / Pure Innocent
S 4 E 14

Motel Massacre / Pure Innocent

Aired on Oct 12, 2006

A Memphis motel turns into a war zone when a gunfight leaves two men dead and another critically injured. Sgt. WD Merritt and the homicide team spring into action to find their shooter. In Kansas City, homicide Det. Everett Babcock leads the investigation into the shooting death of a two-year-old baby. To Babcock’s surprise, an eight-year-old witness leads police on a nationwide manhunt.

Episode 16 Houdini / Innocent Lost
S 4 E 16

Houdini / Innocent Lost

Aired on Nov 30, 2006

In Memphis, a gas station clerk is shot in an armed robbery. The clerk hits the store’s panic button, locking his killer inside. Moments later, the clerk dies from his wounds. When Sgt. Kevin Lundy arrives on the scene, the store is sealed, with no way out, and the killer is gone. The team must track down a killer who seems to have disappeared into thin air. In Miami, Det. Rolly Garcia is investigating the murder of a nine-year-old girl who was killed while playing outside her house. The detectives believe that she was caught in a shootout between two men. They must rely on witnesses among the outraged members of the community to point them toward their suspects.

Episode 17 Wrong Turn / Deadly Dance
S 4 E 17

Wrong Turn / Deadly Dance

Aired on Dec 07, 2006

Miami Detective Carlos Castellanos and Sgt. Jose “Pepi” Granado are working the murder of a 54-year old tourist. As they hit the streets to track down the killer, they learn the victim was in town for more than the Miami sunshine: it’s his son’s 17th birthday. And in Memphis, a high school dance turns deadly when shots ring out. Sgt. Kevin Lundy must figure out who shot at a car outside the school, leaving one teen near death and another dead at the scene.

Episode 18 Moment of Truth / Cat and Mouse
S 4 E 18

Moment of Truth / Cat and Mouse

Aired on Dec 14, 2006

In Dallas, a woman is shot in while sitting in her car. Detective Eddie Ibarra and the homicide team focus in on two suspects swept up in a robbery investigation, and the pieces of the murder mystery begin to fall into place. In Detroit, a young woman and her daughter are shot dead in their apartment. Detective Ernie Wilson immediately gets the name of the shooter, but finding him is a game of cat and mouse.

Episode 19 Get that Money / Senseless
S 4 E 19

Get that Money / Senseless

Aired on Dec 21, 2006

In Kansas City, Missouri, a young man is found dead in the middle of an apartment complex. With no leads or witnesses, Detective Ed Begley is hoping the victim’s cell phone can help him find the killer. In Memphis, a case gets personal for Sgt. Caroline Mason when a woman is killed in the neighborhood where she grew up.

 20 Easy Prey / Widowmaker
S 4 E 20

Easy Prey / Widowmaker

Aired on Dec 28, 2006

In Dallas, detectives are working a shooting that left a 26-year-old woman dead, when a mysterious caller gives them a one word nickname–Mississippi. In Miami, an elderly man is found duct-taped and beaten to death outside his house as his wife of forty years is asleep inside. Detectives have to find out whether the murder is a simple robbery, or a twisted act of retribution.

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