The First 48

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The First 48

S 4 E 16

Houdini / Innocent Lost

Nov 30, 2006 | 43m 5s | tv-14 v,l | CC

In Memphis, a gas station clerk is shot in an armed robbery. The clerk hits the store’s panic button, locking his killer inside. Moments later, the clerk dies from his wounds. When Sgt. Kevin Lundy arrives on the scene, the store is sealed, with no way out, and the killer is gone. The team must track down a killer who seems to have disappeared into thin air. In Miami, Det. Rolly Garcia is investigating the murder of a nine-year-old girl who was killed while playing outside her house. The detectives believe that she was caught in a shootout between two men. They must rely on witnesses among the outraged members of the community to point them toward their suspects.

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