Season 9 (11)

11 Seasons | 129 Episodes, 129 Unlocked

Episode 1 Inlawful Entry
S 9 E 1

Inlawful Entry

Aired on Jan 13, 2016

When Missy’s parents visit, her father convinces Jase to take him on a quail hunt. But while their “bonding hunt” yields very few quail, it does bring them closer together as friends. Meanwhile, Willie helps John Luke start his own snow cone business, but in order to make a profit, they’ll have to overcome some growing pains.

Episode 2 Flock and Key
S 9 E 2

Flock and Key

Aired on Jan 13, 2016

Si recruits his nephews to help him transport a storage container to his backyard, but things take a turn when Jep becomes locked inside the box. Meanwhile, Jase helps Mia prepare for her cheerleading competition, but the only problem is he has no idea what he’s doing.

Episode 3 Ball in the Family
S 9 E 3

Ball in the Family

Aired on Jan 20, 2016

When Willie’s old rival Phillip McMillan challenges him to a game of dodgeball, Willie recruits his family members to settle a score once and for all. Meanwhile, Si thinks his cat is cheating on him with another family, so he recruits Miss Kay and Mountain Man to help find out.

Episode 4 Drone Survivor
S 9 E 4

Drone Survivor

Aired on Jan 20, 2016

When Jase and Phil make a bet about whether or not human beings in a duck blind are visible from the air, Jep buys a drone copter to get a “bird’s eye” view, but ends up losing it in the process. Meanwhile, Willie brings Si to the chiropractor for an overdue spinal adjustment.

Episode 5 Alan in Charge
S 9 E 5

Alan in Charge

Aired on Jan 27, 2016

Jase and the guys convince Willie to hire his older brother Alan to work at Duck Commander, but when Alan begins micromanaging everyone, they quickly change their mind. Meanwhile, the ladies take a self-defense class and use John Luke as a punching bag.

Episode 6 Renaissance Men
S 9 E 6

Renaissance Men

Aired on Jan 27, 2016

When the Robertsons throw a Renaissance Fair birthday party for Godwin, various family members compete in a tournament to win knighthood. Meanwhile, Jep and Jessica visit a local falconer in hopes of obtaining a bird of prey for Godwin’s party.

Episode 7 Heroes Welcome
S 9 E 7

Heroes Welcome

Aired on Feb 03, 2016

In this special episode, the Duck Commander team surprises two wounded veterans with a trip to Monroe so they can meet the Duckmen. To show their support, the Robertson family stages a “color run” to bring awareness to our wounded soldiers.

Episode 8 Pie Hard
S 9 E 8

Pie Hard

Aired on Feb 10, 2016

Willie and Alan agree to help Miss Kay open her own bakery, but things take a turn when Kay is asked to hand over her secret recipes. Meanwhile, the guys in the duck call room take an extended lunch break by driving to Mississippi for fried green tomato sandwiches.

Episode 9 Van He'llsing
S 9 E 9

Van He'llsing

Aired on Feb 17, 2016

When Missy and Jase’s son Reed purchases an old van to boost his music career, his parents begin to question some of his choices. Meanwhile, Willie helps Jep prepare River for a competitive wrestling league by introducing him to his friend, wrestling legend Kurt Angle.

Episode 10 Toad to Perdition
S 9 E 10

Toad to Perdition

Aired on Feb 24, 2016

When Willie and his brothers spend too much time frog hunting, their wives challenge them to a “frogging” competition as a way of spending quality time together. Meanwhile, John Luke and Mary Kate pack up for college, only to be interrupted by Si and Miss Kay.

Episode 11 RV There Yet?
S 9 E 11

RV There Yet?

Aired on Mar 02, 2016

The Robertson family takes a road trip to Liberty University where they will drop off John Luke and Mary Kate for their first year of college. Along the way, they stop in Nashville to visit Willie’s friend Colt Ford. Meanwhile, back in Monroe, River wants to make his own ninja movie and the family all play a part.

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