Rookie CO Lilly Rodriguez

Lilly Rodriguez

Rookie CO

Soft-spoken, timid and petite, Lilly is not what you’d expect from a corrections officer. But what Lilly lacks in size and physical strength, she makes up for in determination.

At five feet tall and 102 pounds, the inmates tease Lilly on a daily basis. Everyone around her questions whether she’s cut out for this job. With a shortage of women in corrections, there’s more pressure than ever on Lilly to make her mark. She has a degree in criminal justice and dreams of joining the FBI one day, and hopes that working at Southern will give her the experience she needs to achieve that goal.

Lilly believes that as a woman she has unique empathy and perspective that is invaluable to the job. Her father was in prison for much of her life, so she understands the inmates on a personal level that many other officers do not. She uses the obstacles in her path as motivation to overcome them and prove the haters wrong.