Rookie CO Aaron Purto

Aaron Purto

Rookie CO

Despite being a rookie, Aaron is one of the strictest officers at PNM, enforcing the rules and procedures to the letter. He takes pride in being firm, fair and consistent, but his attitude makes him unpopular among the inmates, who view him as a “supercop.” This leads to confrontations and even assaults by inmates, who don’t appreciate a rookie trying to boss them around.

This is Aaron’s second chance at a career in corrections. After completing his training in California, he was rejected for failing to pass a vision test. Now, at only 5’6”, he is posted in PNM’s level 6, the most dangerous unit in the state.

Aaron is determined make it far in corrections and hopefully join the elite STIU team in the future. But he may have a hard time if he doesn’t learn how to remain level-headed and patient with the unruly inmates.