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There is Something About Him…

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    There is Something About Him…

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      There is Something About Him…

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      August 15, 2020

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…that just draws my attention. The look on his face, sound of his voice, and his innate desire to help his family at all costs. I find myself wanting to just be around Dylan more and more. It’s not like I expected these feelings to flair up, but I am happy they are. It’s like he’s the perfect guy for me and he’s been right under my nose this entire time.

He’s been busy with his work, and I know he’s got a lot on his mind, especially with his business, his dad, and making sure his family stays intact. He’s all about doing the right thing, and about being the bigger person. This is a characteristic that anyone would be lucky to have in a significant other.

It was strange because Dylan came to my room yesterday, and I was napping. I know, I probably looked horrible, with some serious bed head or something, but… I felt comfortable, almost safe with him, nothing else mattered. There’s a sense that it feels like I can talk to him and be honest, and it seems that he feels the same way.

Anyway, I told him that I knew about Caleb for a long time now, and that it didn’t matter to me, what happened in his past. The past is the past. We don’t choose how we come into the world. We are what we are. He shouldn’t be ashamed of who he is – because I know he’s a good person. He left, and I just have been getting these feelings, these butterflies. Things feel right with him.

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