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Norma was Fishing for Info…

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    Norma was Fishing for Info…

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      Norma was Fishing for Info…

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      August 24, 2019

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      A+E Networks

…today about the White Pine Bay criminal underbelly. Bad things are happening in town and a lot of people are on edge. She was desperate to find Dylan’s warehouse. I was happy to help. It is thrilling to be in the know and on the inside for once. It isn’t like Dylan’s work is the biggest secret. Maybe I’ll pick up a little extra intel in town, since people occasionally speak like I’m not even in the room.

I was pretty terrified when we drove over to the warehouse. The excitement I had before dissipated when I remembered that Norma can get a little intense. The warehouse isn’t the type of place you just waltz in to, unless you’re Norma of course. She just stormed right up like she owned the place. Maybe everyone already knew of her.

There can’t be too many women in White Pine Bay as glamorous as Norma. I mean some of her dresses are just amazing. Pair that up with that classic Benz. She’s like Eva Marie Saint or something. It must not be easy for Dylan to work with a bunch of trimmers when you have such a beautiful mom. I can just imagine the comments these guys are going to throw at him.

Anyways, Norma just bulldozed her way in. It must have all worked out. I tried to find out what was going on. She wouldn’t get into specifics. You could tell that she was stressed, but I sensed maybe a bit of pride when I pressed her about what happened in the warehouse. Turns out that Dylan has an office. It is becoming apparent that he’s certainly somebody in this town, but a lot of bad stuff seems to be happening to the somebodies. I hope he figures out how to survive it.

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