Bates Motel

My Life in Fast-Forward

Kyle Miller…

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That’s the name of the man they arrested for Miss Watson’s death.

I couldn’t find much about him online. From what I’ve heard around town, he used to be a dealer. The rumor is he might have been dating Miss Watson, but I can’t see that. She was all about self-empowerment. Standing up for yourself and finding your independence. So why would she go out with someone like Kyle? I don’t know. This is all so confusing. This town has so much cloak and dagger stuff at times I feel like I’m in a mystery novel, and now this guy Kyle’s arrested, and all I can think is how Miss Watson’s image is being tarnished by these rumors.

When I told Norma and Norman about the arrest, Norma hugged me so tight. It was definitely a moment. I was glad someone else was as relieved as I was that they found her killer. I bet she knew what a good teacher Miss Watson was too, and how much Norman appreciated her help in school.

Miss Watson was going to help me in the fall with my college essays. She had a way of bringing out the best in her students, and I’m wondering how big the void is going to be at school without her presence or will people have already moved on? Maybe the trial will bring her back to the forefront but then again I’d rather be focusing on the good things she did then the horrible way her life ended. I’m just glad they have someone in custody so this chapter can be closed.

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