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It's Been a Few Months…

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    It's Been a Few Months…

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      It's Been a Few Months…

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      June 04, 2020

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…since Miss Watson died. Found murdered in her bedroom, God how horrible is that? It’s surreal to think how somebody who was kind and sweet could die like that, and I don’t know if I’ve totally moved past it. I know that Norman hasn’t, and I’m worried because he’s still so distraught. He visits her grave all the time! It’s one thing to grieve, but I feel like this is something else entirely. It’s not healthy… It’s kind of weird.

I want to approach him about it but I don’t know how. First off, he’s always in his basement doing taxidermy, and that doesn’t seem like the optimal time to bring up death and grieving. And even if I did have an opening to bring it up, how would I do it? Tell him to “get over it”? That just feels callous.

A lot of people were crying at the funeral, but he was full-on sobbing, to the point that people started staring. I realized that was the first funeral he’s been to since his dad died, which still isn’t all that long ago. He’s had a real rough stretch lately, and I’m not blaming him for feeling this way. I’m just worried that he won’t be able to move past this.

It’s summer, he’s a high schooler! He should be outside, or going to the movies, or staying out late! I want to see him laughing and joking again, even if he isn’t that funny. As eye-roll inducing as they are, I would love to hear one of his awful, awful puns. The worst:

“Have you heard all the news about corduroy pillows? They’re making all the headlines.”

At least I’d get to see him crack a smile when he tells it. Does anybody have any ideas how I can help him get over this?

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