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I'm So Stressed Out…

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    I'm So Stressed Out…

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      I'm So Stressed Out…

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      May 23, 2018

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      A+E Networks

Finals are coming up! I’m trying to do all of my homework and finish my studying. I really don’t have time to deal with Norman right now. I have a lot more important things on my plate than him. Life goes on… for a few more years at least. That is, if these finals don’t kill me first. I have so much work. I’m so overwhelmed! I cannot and will not let a boy of all things make me feel bad and bring me down.

I just have to stay optimistic and just move on. I can’t believe he made me feel this bad about myself. He isn’t even worth my time. Why am I still so angry with him? Why do I care about him? And why can’t I stop thinking about him? I hate boys. I should be studying!

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