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I had to do it…

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    I had to do it…

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      I had to do it…

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      August 15, 2020

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Norman was struggling to build a fence so maybe it wasn’t the best time to end things with him, but I wanted to talk to him before Dylan came back into town. At least he didn’t push me into that pit! He took it pretty well, but who knows with him. I thought I knew him pretty well but after the other night, I’m not sure I have the faintest idea of what’s going on in his head.

I’m sure he thinks I’m ending things just because of how he acted the other night, but it’s not only that. It’s that he’s distant and odd with me. Our interactions always felt forced and unnatural unlike whatever is happening with Dylan. Norman seemed a little upset, but he’ll be ok. You don’t break up with someone unless it’s already broken. I read that somewhere.

I mean, Dylan called to check up on me, to see how I was feeling. He didn’t want me to worry while he was gone. I think Norman means well but I can’t remember an moment with him where it wasn’t all about him and his feelings and his mother. I understand that all of that is important but I want things, too. I want to feel connected to someone and I want someone to care about my feelings.

Seeing Gunner was a throwback. He is kind of hot. He said something about having meant to call me or something but… whatever. Been there done that, I guess. That’s two letdowns in as many days. Emma the Heartbreaker lol.

I hope Dylan likes the cookies. He’s such a special person.

Until next time…

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