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I Can't Believe…

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    I Can't Believe…

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      I Can't Believe…

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      January 23, 2020

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…it’s summer already! The rain and dark clouds have all gone away. The sun is out and shining. I love this time of year. It’s the greatest – obviously because I get a break from school, but mostly because I get to do something exciting and fun for the summer break.

I mean, last year my dad thought it would be fun to go back to Manchester to visit the extended fam, but when we got there the weather was just as bleak and dreary as White Pine Bay had been all year, so my summer break felt more like an extended winter. But this year… I need to make exciting plans.

Ohhhh! Maybe I should travel. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, see the sights and live the culture. Maybe Egypt to see the pyramids, or Greece to see the Acropolis. There’s a lot on my list, and only 3 months to do any of it. I mean, I could always stay local and do something fun around town, but living in Oregon, most of the fun usually includes climbing, hiking, or biking. All of which, are not my strong suit.

Maybe I can take a road trip to California in the Bug. Visit San Francisco or Los Angeles. See the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hollywood sign. I wonder if I could get Norman to go with me? He loves old movies and would probably enjoy seeing some of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. I doubt Norma would let him go, though. He’s got a lot of responsibilities at the motel.

CRAP, she probably wouldn’t even let me out. I just started working at the motel and business has been picking up, because all the tourists are coming through White Pine Bay. Agh! Should have thought of that before I decided to take this gig.

Oh well, no trip for me.

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