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I Am So Pissed Off…

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    I Am So Pissed Off…

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      I Am So Pissed Off…

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      May 21, 2018

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      A+E Networks

…at Bradley. But it’s not even her fault. I just don’t get why all boys love her. I know I’m not a judgmental person. And I’m really trying hard not to judge right now but I don’t understand why boys can’t see past the superficial sh**. I know they are just hormonal teenagers but still. I really thought Norman would be different. And I never try to compare myself with other people because I’m great for who I am. And if a boy can’t see how great I am, than I don’t even want to be with him. But if Norman just had to fall for a beautiful girl like Bradley, the way all boys do, in order to realize that Bradley isn’t the one for him, then fine. I’m not saying that I am the girl for him. Just… you know…

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