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God, My Emotions…

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    God, My Emotions…

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      God, My Emotions…

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      August 15, 2020

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…ran the gamut the last few days. I couldn’t believe it when Dylan walked into the office. He asked me out to dinner! He was so sweet. It was music to my ears. Those hound dog eyes and that scruff! I mean he could mix up his jackets every once in while, but I was basically flattened. And it all seemed so natural. He claimed it was for helping out with Norman. Nice ruse. I knew something more was on his mind. We just had this little two-part bow-chicka-wow-wow harmony thing going on. About time. Norman was nice and I thought I was happy, I just didn’t realize that we were playing house. It wasn’t real. Dylan is something different.

It was all so beautiful… and then my Dad waltzed in and proceeded to nuke the crap out of one of the most incredible moments of my life. What else could I do but storm out? Dad eventually came around. We had our usual dance. He did a version of his actuary speech, I told him I had to seize the day. I won the round and we sealed the détente with a hug. We’ll be back at it soon I’m sure.

The night with Dylan was amazing, simply unbelievable. I mean it wasn’t even remotely what I expected, of course. I was expecting eros and got something almost divine. Seeing Dylan with his entire family for the first time was magical. Like a soul-sucking weight left the house. Sheriff Romero smiled and Caleb sang! It was one hell of a dinner party.

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