On the Prowl…

I’ve been trying to get my Dad out on the town to meet some new people. I don’t want him alone when I go off to school… or if I hitch that ride into the sunset with Charon. I even made a profile for him on a dating site. Dad’s education and wit seem to be plus, but I’m beginning to think that the animal stuffing is a big detriment to online dating. I’d like to keep it on the down-low just for initial impressions sake, but you can sniff out anything with Google. Damn those hyper-intelligent algorithms.

Dad did go on one date the other night. He said it went okay. He might be underplaying it since he had a bit of a jaunt to his step the next morning. Very suspicious. Even though I realize I’m the one whose been pushing him to date, it is still a bit awkward. I might even be a bit jealous. Maybe we should just keep willfully ignorant of each others’ late night shenanigans.

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