True Crime Blog: Stories & News
What It Was Like Growing Up With Ted Bundy
Patience, Legwork and a Bit of Luck: Investigating Cold Cases Without DNA
Why Long-Haul Trucking Attracts Some Serial Killers
What It's Like to Have Your Father Convicted of Your Mother's Murder
Jealous Rage Fueled Yoga Instructor's Murder of Pro Cyclist Moriah Wilson
Deconstructing Bombs with an FBI Explosives Scientist
Tanya Kach, Held Captive by Her School Security Guard for 10 Years, on Finding the Courage to Leave
Will the West Mesa Serial Killer Ever Be Identified?
When Abuse Victims Strike Back—With Murder
Conversations with a Serial Killer's Helper: How Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. Became an 'Apprentice' to Dean Corll

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