Real Crime
Murders By Two: Notorious Examples of Folie à Deux
Why Munchausen by Proxy Can Be So Hard to Prove in Court
Elizabeth Shoaf Was Kidnapped and Assaulted Inside a Bunker for 10 Days: How the Teen Escaped
The 10 Most Shocking High-Profile Courtroom Moments
How '60 Days In' Has Changed How Some Jails Are Operating
Sheriff Mark Pettway of Jefferson County on Building Trust Between Law Enforcement and His Community
A Reporter's Role in the Oldest Prosecution of a Serial Killer in U.S. History and Covering Civil Rights Era Murders
Michelle Sigona and Sheriff Mark Lamb of 'Live PD: Wanted' on What They Find Gratifying About Working on the Show
'Daddy Did It': Why Some People Believe They Have a Serial Killer in the Family
The Unsolved Rainbow Murders: What Happened to Vicki Durian and Nancy Santomero?
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