Real Crime
How Can Parents Protect Their Children from Online Predators?
Before Yolanda Saldivar Murdered Selena 25 Years Ago, There Were Red Flags
Copycat Killers: What Moves a Violent Offender to Emulate Another?
Predicting a Serial Killer: Is the Macdonald Triad Fact or Myth?
How El Chapo's Obsession for Surveillance Backfired—and Led to His Dramatic Downfall
Did Jeffrey MacDonald Kill His Family or Was He the Victim of Manson Copycats?
The Jodi Huisentruit Mystery: Missing News Anchor Case Remains Unsolved
John Wayne Gacy's Childhood: 'Killer Clown' Serial Killer Was Victim of Abuse
Jack Reeves and Other Men Who Have Killed Multiple Wives
What Happened to Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight After They Escaped from Captor Ariel Castro?
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