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The first official feature documentary about the Grammy-nominated musician.


“Ol’ Dirty Bastard: A Tale of Two Dirtys” is the first official feature documentary about the Grammy-nominated musician and legendary founding member of the iconic hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Born Russell Jones in 1968 in Brooklyn, NY, ODB developed a unique persona and rhyme style that set him apart from his contemporaries. In his short 35 years of life and long after his passing, ODB has had a significant influence on a whole generation of fans and performers.

With exclusive rights to a never-before-seen personal archive shot by his wife, Icelene Jones, and access to his closest friends and family, this culture-defining special humanizes ODB as a man, a father, and a husband like never before. This definitive documentary is co-directed by Emmy and Peabody Award-winning Director Sam Pollard (MLK/FBI, Black Art: In The Absence of Light) alongside his son Jason Pollard (Get Me Roger Stone, Bitchin’ The Sound and Fury of Rick James) providing an intimate picture of ODB’s life and reflecting on his lasting impact on music and culture.

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