A native-born Floridian, Peter Duke has entrepreneurship in his blood. From selling door-to-door in his neighborhood at age 6, to starting a car stereo business while still in high school, it was clear that he enjoyed the challenges and independence. In fact, he made a promise to himself at 18 to never punch a clock again, and so far, so good!

After running an auto security business and several online endeavors, Duke’s career in real estate began in 2003 after he bought his first rehab in Orlando. Starting out without any team or connections, he did all the work himself. From doing demo, hanging drywall, installing tile – whatever it took, he found out how and did it. That same curiosity led him to take on the most difficult rehabs, then complete new home builds, and then into land development.

Now, many years and nearly 100 houses later, he still loves learning from every project, and using his trade skills to help guide the construction teams to the perfect results. There are always new challenges in real estate, and zombie houses are some of the biggest!