Chauncey Pham from A&E's Zombie House Flipping



Attract, don’t chase. Chauncey Pham has mastered the subtle art of Attraction Based Marketing by building multiple brands and businesses—all while unapologetically being herself and becoming her own hero. Cultivating an environment of attraction-based actions, that in turn elicit counteraction(s) from the end consumer, is her jam.

With a background heavy in agency marketing and sales, this serial entrepreneur knows how to attract the consumer and close the deal. Formerly a boutique brokerage owner, Chauncey is well versed in coaching, mentoring, training, compliance, marketing, and strategic planning. National Real Estate Team Lead (over 300 agents in 31 states) and Investment Company co-owner, she’s able to teach agents and clients alike how to leverage Real Estate in many different facets.

Ready to hear what you need instead of what you want? Need someone to help unlock your strengths and help you realize your superpowers? Chauncey just might be the kick in the ass you need!