Episode 1 Missing in Modesto
S 1 E 1

Missing in Modesto

Aired on Aug 15, 2017

Laci Peterson, eight months pregnant, goes missing in Modesto, California, prompting a massive search and an intense police focus on her husband Scott.

Episode 2 Media Frenzy
S 1 E 2

Media Frenzy

Aired on Aug 22, 2017

With the appearance of Scott Peterson’s girlfriend, Amber Frey, media attention on the case escalates.

Episode 3 Most Hated Man in America
S 1 E 3

Most Hated Man in America

Aired on Aug 29, 2017

After the bodies of Laci Peterson and her child turn up in San Francisco Bay, police arrest Scott Peterson, who quickly becomes a national villain.

Episode 4 The Trial Begins
S 1 E 4

The Trial Begins

Aired on Sep 05, 2017

In the case of the State vs. Scott Peterson, the prosecution asks for the death penalty for the murders of Laci and Conner Peterson while the defense says Peterson is “stone cold innocent.”

Episode 5 The Verdict
S 1 E 5

The Verdict

Aired on Sep 12, 2017

In what has become one of the most visible murder cases of all time, a jury wrestles with the facts in the Peterson case and produces a verdict that is cheered by thousands.

Episode 6 Reasonable Doubt?
S 1 E 6

Reasonable Doubt?

Aired on Sep 19, 2017

New theories emerge in the wake of the verdict condemning Scott to lethal injection.

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