Season 1 (20)

2 Seasons | 27 Episodes, 20 Unlocked

Episode 1 Jodi Arias
S 1 E 1

Jodi Arias

Aired on Jan 13, 2022

When a young Arizona businessman is found slaughtered in his bathroom, friends point police towards his on-again off-again ex-girlfriend. Facing the death penalty, Jodi Arias takes the stand for an unprecedented 18-days in an attempt to explain how the brutal killing of her ex-boyfriend was self-defense.

Episode 2 Amber Guyger
S 1 E 2

Amber Guyger

Aired on Jan 20, 2022

When an off-duty Dallas police officer shoots a man in his own apartment, the jury will have to decide if it was murder or a tragic mistake. Amber Guyger takes the stand in her own defense to convince the jury not to lock her away for up to 99 years.

Episode 3 Scott Nelson
S 1 E 3

Scott Nelson

Aired on Jan 20, 2022

When a parolee is bounced from his job, he seeks retribution on a peaceful, unwitting community when he kidnaps, tortures and kills a mother and caregiver. Scott Nelson takes the stand to give a convoluted explanation on why he blames his parole officer for his seemingly random decision to kidnap, torture and kill a local Florida woman.

Episode 4 Shayna Hubers
S 1 E 4

Shayna Hubers

Aired on Jan 27, 2022

Shayna Hubers takes the stand to defend herself after she brutally murdered her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Ryan Poston. She willingly takes the stand to prove her actions were in self-defense, by showing Ryan’s abusive side.

Episode 5 Eric Campbell
S 1 E 5

Eric Campbell

Aired on Feb 03, 2022

A shootout with police in West Virginia leads to the arrest of a 23-year-old Texas man, who is charged with savagely killing an elderly couple, robbing them and burning down their home. Facing the death penalty, the defendant decides to take the stand and points the finger at the surprising suspect he claims committed the horrific crimes.

Episode 6 Leon Jacob
S 1 E 6

Leon Jacob

Aired on Feb 10, 2022

Former Houston doctor Leon Jacob is currently serving a life sentence. He was found guilty of plotting, along with his girlfriend, Valerie McDaniel, the murder of his ex-girlfriend and Valerie’s ex-husband. Valerie took her own life after serving some time in prison. Leon Jacob takes the stand to defend his rocky past.

Episode 7 Sean Foley
S 1 E 7

Sean Foley

Aired on Feb 17, 2022

Sean Foley stands accused in the shooting death of his girlfriend’s step-father, Jimmy Shelton. After a booze-filled evening, Sean fatally shoots Jimmy on Jimmy’s own back porch. Sean claims that Jimmy was the aggressor that night. Foley has decided to take the stand to convince the jury that he’s innocent, that the shooting was in self-defense and not cold-blooded murder.

Episode 8 Limon
S 1 E 8


Aired on Feb 17, 2022

When railroad mechanic Robert Limon is shot and killed by Jonathan Hearn, an investigation leads to Robert’s widow–and spurs questions about her involvement in the crime. Sabrina Limon takes the stand to contest the account of her former lover, Jonathan Hearn, insisting she had no knowledge of his intent to commit the crime.

Episode 9 Luke VanHemert
S 1 E 9

Luke VanHemert

Aired on Feb 17, 2022

When a university student and athlete is stabbed to death following a minor traffic incident, a 24-year-old fast food worker is indicted on a second-degree murder charge. Luke VanHemert takes the stand to address inconsistencies in his story to police, and to claim his actions were in self-defense.

Episode 10 George Burch
S 1 E 10

George Burch

Aired on Jun 02, 2021

George Burch stands accused of the brutal murder of Nicole VanderHeyden, a 31 year old mother of three. He willingly takes the stand to prove he is not guilty and provide the jury with an alternative suspect.

Episode 11 James Scandirito
S 1 E 11

James Scandirito

Aired on Jun 02, 2021

When a son finds his father slumped over dead near a pile of cocaine, he dismembers the body to conceal the crime. James Scandirito, Jr. takes the stand to explain why he thought he had to dismember and bury what he claims was his already deceased father.

Episode 12 Katie Magbanua
S 1 E 12

Katie Magbanua

Aired on Jun 16, 2021

A beloved college professor is executed in Tallahassee, Florida and the suspects include a mother with two children, a violent gang member and a family of wealthy dentists. The investigation leads to murder charges against a trio from Miami, who allegedly conspired with the victim’s own family, in a hitman for hire scheme. In a risky move, the woman who allegedly connected the killers to the people prosecutors say paid for the murder decides to take the stand in her own defense.

Episode 13 Claudia Hoerig
S 1 E 13

Claudia Hoerig

Aired on Jun 09, 2021

When a woman shoots her pilot husband and flees to Brazil, she sets off a long battle for her extradition and trial in the States. She’ll go under oath to convince a jury that anyone in her place would have done the same. Claudia Hoerig takes the stand to tell a harrowing-and explosive-story of the end of her troubled marriage.

Episode 14 Todd Kendhammer
S 1 E 14

Todd Kendhammer

Aired on Jun 09, 2021

What started out looking like a freak traffic accident soon becomes a suspected murder cover-up. Todd Kendhammer has to take the stand to convince a jury that he would never hurt the love of his life, his wife Barbara.

Episode 15 Lindsay Partin
S 1 E 15

Lindsay Partin

Aired on Jun 23, 2021

When 3-year-old Hannah Wesche dies of head trauma, the babysitter who cared for her is indicted for her murder. Lindsay Partin takes the stand to defend her innocence…and to try to explain several suspicious statements she gave to police detectives.

Episode 16 Roy Oliver
S 1 E 16

Roy Oliver

Aired on Jun 23, 2021

A routine response to a noise complaint takes a devastating turn when Roy Oliver, a Dallas police officer, shoots and kills unarmed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. Roy Oliver will take the stand in an attempt to explain his state of mind and convince a jury that he justifiably used lethal force to protect his partner.

Episode 17 Jessica Groves
S 1 E 17

Jessica Groves

Aired on Jul 07, 2021

A couple from a small Ohio town are charged with eleven felonies, including the deaths of their infant son, whose injury riddled body was found in a well. Jessica Groves claims her son’s death was an accident. The father, Daniel Groves, claims that he had nothing to do with the injuries that caused his son’s death. Both parents face life in prison if convicted, so they decide to testify, hoping to avoid spending the rest of their lives behind bars.

Episode 18 Todd Mullis
S 1 E 18

Todd Mullis

Aired on Jul 07, 2021

An Iowa pig farmer stands accused of impaling his wife with a corn rake. The jury has to decide if it was cold-blooded murder or a tragic accident. Todd Mullis takes the stand in his own defense in an attempt to convince the jury not to lock him away for life.

Episode 19 Henry Segura
S 1 E 19

Henry Segura

Aired on Jun 30, 2021

When a young mother and her three children are brutally murdered in their suburban Florida home, an ex-boyfriend is charged with the killings. The jury has to decide if this was a crime of passion or a professional hit ordered by the Cartel. Henry Segura takes the stand in his own defense in an attempt to convince the jury not to sentence him to death.

Episode 20 Tammy Moorer
S 1 E 20

Tammy Moorer

Aired on Jul 14, 2021

20 year old Heather Elvis went missing on December 18, 2013 and has never been found. Tammy Moorer, Heather’s boyfriend’s wife, is on trial for her kidnapping. Can she convince a jury she had no ill will toward her husband’s mistress? Or will she spend the next 30 years in prison wishing she hadn’t taken the stand?

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