Paranormal State

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Season 6 (8)

6 Seasons | 71 Episodes

Episode 1 Haunted Connection
S 6 E 1

Haunted Connection

Aired on Apr 11, 2011

P.R.S. is called in to help a young mother tormented by an otherworldly connection to a teenage girl murdered in her neighborhood years ago. Could she have psychic ability or is there a more sinister force at work? PRS dives headlong into a harrowing investigation to determine the true source of the haunting.

Episode 2 Hostage to Fear
S 6 E 2

Hostage to Fear

Aired on Apr 11, 2011

P.R.S. is summoned to help a family who has been haunted for years by spirits lurking in the house. Upon arrival the team finds a family that has become prisoners in their own home. Ryan leads the team in investigating the history of the property and surrounding area, seeking to uncover answers to help this family take back their home.

Episode 3 Permission to Do Harm
S 6 E 3

Permission to Do Harm

Aired on Apr 18, 2011

When a mirror levitates and shatters on its own, P.R.S. heeds the call to investigate a spirit that has been unleashed on an unsuspecting family. Ryan must track down the spirit and contain it before it does irreparable damage.

Episode 4 Devil's Hostage
S 6 E 4

Devil's Hostage

Aired on Apr 18, 2011
When a woman has long scratch marks mysteriously appear on her back, PRS is called in to see if they are truly facing the devil. But her credibility is called into question, a struggle of another kind emerges for Ryan and the rest of the team.
Episode 5 Vendetta
S 6 E 5


Aired on Apr 25, 2011

P.R.S. investigates claims of supernatural revenge in the Pennsylvania Poconos. When a client’s new boyfriend moves in, does the paranormal move in with him? Or did her ex put a hex on her house and the entire family?

Episode 6 Southern Discomfort at Sweetwater Mansion
S 6 E 6

Southern Discomfort at Sweetwater Mansion

Aired on Apr 25, 2011

PRS heads to the Deep South to investigate a haunted Antebellum Mansion in disrepair. The caretaker and volunteers at the property have many a tale to tell of paranormal activity. A dark past is discovered, possibly revealing the roots of the haunting and identifying the alleged spirits still lingering there today.

Episode 7 Get Out of This House
S 6 E 7

Get Out of This House

Aired on May 02, 2011

When an aggressive spirit stalks a young family, PRS is called in to investigate. When it is determined that the source of the haunting may have been unknowingly invited in, Ryan races to identify and hopefully defeat the entity before it’s too late.

Episode 8 If I Should Die...
S 6 E 8

If I Should Die...

Aired on May 02, 2011

Proven paranormal investigator Ken Arrington leads a new class of characters as they try to help a family cope with what appears to be a demonic spirit in their home. Upon arrival, it becomes apparent the team’s presence is unwanted when Savahanna becomes a target of the lurking presence. As the team works quickly to find answers, vital information comes to light, placing the clients at the vortex of a sinister force.

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