Paranormal State

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Season 4 (7)

6 Seasons | 71 Episodes

Episode 1 Suicide Possession
S 4 E 1

Suicide Possession

Aired on Dec 15, 2009

Joan and her boyfriend Tony are seeing apparitions and hearing hushed conversations in their New Jersey home. Both are concerned that the spirits are influencing their behavior: a non-drinker, Tony has turned to the bottle while Joan has thoughts of harming herself. PRS uncovers deaths inside the home with eerie connections to their alleged haunting, while Ryan considers the possibility that Tony is possessed. Psychic and demonologist Lorraine Warren joins PRS on the case.

Episode 2 Invitation to Evil
S 4 E 2

Invitation to Evil

Aired on Dec 22, 2009

Paula and her husband Mike are under siege by a purported shadow demon in their North Carolina home. Paula has witnessed a toddler bed levitating and heard deep growls. Most chilling though, are the vulgar outbursts from their three-year-old daughter, Reagan. Michelle, Ryan and the team uncover the shocking truth behind the haunting–and attempt to stop the force before it overcomes Reagan.

Episode 3 Dead Legends
S 4 E 3

Dead Legends

Aired on Dec 22, 2009

PRS and Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey investigate the famed Hotel Conneaut in northern Pennsylvania. Heavy doors opening on their own, sightings of a boy, a bride and a menacing butcher have the hotel’s staff on edge.

Episode 5 Haunted Sex Dungeon
S 4 E 5

Haunted Sex Dungeon

Aired on Dec 29, 2009

Ken, the owner of a sprawling mansion on Greyhaven Island near Detroit, says he feels more like the caretaker. Voices, banging and a run of bad luck have him feeling both watched and cursed, a prisoner in his own home. PRS investigates a Native American massacre that may have left a curse on the land, while a voice allegedly saying “Get Out” leads PRS on another path. Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey and Chad Calek join Ryan for this unusual case.

Episode 6 Dark Practice
S 4 E 6

Dark Practice

Aired on Jan 05, 2010

Brenda is terrified by a dark hooded figure spotted in her West Virginia home. The same entity allegedly tormented her late husband. PRS and Psychic/Medium Michelle Belanger help Brenda before she slips into the same abyss as her late husband.

Episode 7 Satan's Soldier
S 4 E 7

Satan's Soldier

Aired on Jan 05, 2010

Mark and Kim cannot sleep through all the racket caused by unseen forces in their central Indiana home. When PRS discovers what appears to be blood in the basement, they investigate a history of violence in the home. But things aren’t what they seem as they dig deeper into the client’s personal history. Psychic/Medium Michelle Belanger helps Ryan piece together the puzzle.

Episode 11 Lost Souls
S 4 E 11

Lost Souls

Aired on Feb 02, 2010

PRS and Psychic/Medium Michelle Belanger investigate a Pennsylvania home; where a mother named Kathy and her son Michael have both felt the presence of a young boy and hear voices calling, Mom? but no one is there.

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