Season 2 (12)

6 Seasons | 71 Episodes

Episode 1 Good Vs. Evil
S 2 E 1

Good Vs. Evil

Aired on Jul 28, 2008

PRS visits a western Pennsylvania couple wracked by a torrent of paranormal activity. Religious objects have been destroyed, televisions, lights and fans mysteriously turn on and off, and dead animals repeatedly show up on their stoop.

Episode 2 Family Ties
S 2 E 2

Family Ties

Aired on Jul 28, 2008

Jimmie is haunted by the apparition of a mysterious old woman who peers at him in the bathroom of his family’s Petersburg, VA home. When Ryan and PRS delve into the family history, they hit a nerve with Jimmie’s dad, Parker.

Episode 3 Haunted Ranch
S 2 E 3

Haunted Ranch

Aired on Aug 04, 2008

PRS saddles up to a remote ranch in Hunt, Texas where black shadows are being spotted and animals harmed. What’s more, a mysterious crop circle has formed on the property and the horses refuse to cross it.

Episode 4 Smoke and Shadows
S 2 E 4

Smoke and Shadows

Aired on Aug 04, 2008

Sarah believes her Parkville, MD home has been invaded by a powerful force ever since her roommate Dennis moved in. PRS investigates claims that Dennis has been attacked by the entity, a possible poltergeist.

Episode 5 Hell's Gate
S 2 E 5

Hell's Gate

Aired on Aug 11, 2008

Ever since Wes and his family moved into their new home in York, PA they’ve been struggling with a dark force that’s made everyday a living hell. Wes feels his mental and physical health is in jeopardy.

Episode 6 The Ladder
S 2 E 6

The Ladder

Aired on Aug 18, 2008

A large family in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, has been living with a spirit for the last 40 years. To most of the siblings, the entity is menacing and evil, but Sandy seems to have a different connection.

Episode 7 The Messenger
S 2 E 7

The Messenger

Aired on Aug 25, 2008

Kelli and her husband Riley are frightened in their coastal Oregon home. They are plagued by a headless apparition and often hear mysterious noises that resemble cries for help from the dark corners of their house.

Episode 8 Hide And Seek
S 2 E 8

Hide And Seek

Aired on Sep 01, 2008

Hillary and her nine-year-old son Hunter are being harassed by a shadow presence in their Victorian home in Newburgh, Indiana. Trap doors in the basement reveal artifacts from a bygone era, and the clients have recorded persistent strange noises.

Episode 9 The Glove
S 2 E 9

The Glove

Aired on Sep 08, 2008

When a terrifying haunting threatens to break a Daisytown, PA couple apart, PRS is their last resort. As the investigation deepens, PRS and the family learn that it’s just the tip of iceberg, turns out this haunting might be all in the family.

Episode 10 The Fire
S 2 E 10

The Fire

Aired on Sep 15, 2008

Christina has been experiencing paranormal activity ever since her father and step-mother were murdered near Columbus, OH last year. PRS and psychic/medium Chip Coffey delve into a open murder case and wind up exposing a family divide.

Episode 11 First Contact
S 2 E 11

First Contact

Aired on Sep 29, 2008
PRS travels all the way to Gilliland's Ranch in Washington State, a hotbed of unexplained paranormal activity. Between possible UFOs in the sky and winged creatures in the woods, Ryan and his team are forced to face their fears and deal with the question: Are we truly alone in the universe?
Episode 12 I Am Six
S 2 E 12

I Am Six

Aired on Oct 27, 2008
Laura has felt oppressed by a violent spirit ever since she heard a chilling EVP in the fall of 2007. The 26-year-old claims she's been beaten, choked, even forcibly submerged in the bathtub of her parents' Quincy, Illinois home. But it's photographs supplied by the client that offer the most startling evidence: deep scratch marks appearing on Laura's skin that spell out profanities.

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