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Season 24 (5)

25 Seasons | 285 Episodes, 220 Unlocked

Episode 6 Tina Featuring Amber Rose
S 24 E 6

Tina Featuring Amber Rose

Aired on Jul 25, 2022

In an unprecedented episode, model, musician, entrepreneur, and social media phenomenon Amber Rose travels home to South Philadelphia to come to the aid of her childhood best friend Tina, who’s addicted to fentanyl and crack–but first, she must find her. Tina is currently lost on the dangerous streets of Kensington–which home to the largest open air drug market on the east coast. Desperate to locate her friend, Amber enlists the aid of Tina’s family, a local private investigator, and Interventionist Michael Gonzales; and together the mission is to blanket Kensington, find Tina, get her to treatment and hopefully save her from becoming one of Kensington’s deadly statistics.

Episode 5 Jordan
S 24 E 5


Aired on Jul 18, 2022

34-year-old Jordan served in the Army, and then had a successful career as an ICU nurse. But after 8 years, the pressure of caring for seriously ill patients became too much, and Jordan turned to alcohol to cope. Two years ago, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and ICU deaths skyrocketed, Jordan spiraled further into his addiction and eventually lost his job, his wife and his kids. Now Jordan lives with his parents and drinks all day long. His family knows that their son, who once worked tirelessly to save others’ lives, now needs someone to save his own life. Interventionist: Ken Seeley.

Episode 3 Fentanyl Family Part 2
S 24 E 3

Fentanyl Family Part 2

Aired on Jun 27, 2022

Despite multiple overdoses and medical emergencies, Christine and her three adult children continue to use dangerous amounts of fentanyl together in their single studio apartment in Garden Grove, CA. In an effort to save their lives before it’s too late, their sober relatives work with interventionists Ken Seeley and Sylvia Parsons for an unprecedented intervention on the entire family of fentanyl addicts.

Episode 2 Fentanyl Family Part 1
S 24 E 2

Fentanyl Family Part 1

Aired on Jun 20, 2022

Highschool sweethearts Joe and Christine raised their three children in a middle-class neighborhood of Orange County, CA. But when Christine’s brother died in a tragic accident, she turned to methamphetamine and her seemingly perfect family spiraled out of control. Now she, her boyfriend, and her three adult children not only live together in a small studio apartment, but they’re all addicted to meth and dangerous amounts of fentanyl. Interventionists Ken Seeley and Sylvia Parsons team up on the biggest case of their careers and make a shocking discovery that could sabotage the whole intervention.

Episode 1 Kenny
S 24 E 1


Aired on Jun 13, 2022

Raised in Northern California, Kenny excelled in football and had big dreams of playing in the NFL, but a misstep in high school triggered a series of events that left him homeless and addicted to dangerous amounts of fentanyl. Interventionist: Michael Gonzales.

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