Episode 1 Fallen Angel
S 1 E 1

Fallen Angel

Aired on Jan 10, 2019

A beautiful teenager is found naked and shot to death in a city park. With no evidence to work with, rookie detective Andre Lowe struggles to unravel the mystery. But the viciousness of her mysterious death evokes the sympathy of the entire Homicide Unit who pitch in to identify her and recreate her last hours on earth from tiny clues. The case captures the hearts of the public and with tips flooding in, the detectives work round the clock to try to find her killer/killers. When her car is discovered miles away the mystery deepens.

Episode 2 The Dark Staircase
S 1 E 2

The Dark Staircase

Aired on Jan 17, 2019

The Fallen Angel investigation takes homicide detectives back to the scene of the crime. As they sweep the city park for evidence, they discover a surveillance camera with vital footage of the victim’s car at the time of her murder. Detective Jamael Logan investigates the brutal murder of a young woman found beaten and shot to death in an Atlanta shopping center.

Episode 3 The Jealous Kind
S 1 E 3

The Jealous Kind

Aired on Jan 24, 2019

After an intense interrogation, Detective Logan finally gets his suspect to confess to brutally murdering Misha Moore over $8. DNA results on the Fallen Angel rape kit match the Sprite bottle bought by the woman seen in surveillance video and the unit investigates another lead. Detective Klein investigates the murder of a 16-year-old out on a double date who gets caught in a shootout with the other woman’s jealous boyfriend.

Episode 4 Secrets & Lies
S 1 E 4

Secrets & Lies

Aired on Jan 31, 2019

New leads emerge in the Fallen Angel case. And in the heart of Atlanta’s wealthiest neighborhood, a man is brutally beaten and shot to death.

Episode 5 Hot Sun, Cold Blood
S 1 E 5

Hot Sun, Cold Blood

Aired on Feb 07, 2019

On the one-year anniversary of Bridget Shiel’s brutal murder, with no progress on finding her killer, Lowe organizes a vigil and canvass to try and generate new leads and give her family some resolution. A tip leads detectives on a wild hunt to try and find her killer. The best evidence they have is the hope of getting a DNA match. Meanwhile, Det. Zimbrick gets a DNA match on a 16-year-old cold case. He and Quinn head to San Francisco where the suspect is incarcerated and get a series of extraordinarily lucky breaks along the way.

Episode 6 The Cooler
S 1 E 6

The Cooler

Aired on Feb 14, 2019

A DNA hit in the Bridget Shiel murder investigation identifies a compelling new suspect who was recently imprisoned for a double homicide – Christopher Spencer. Lowe investigates Spencer’s background, criminal history and cell phone records in the wake of Bridget’s murder, sending him to Arkansas to speak with Spencer’s family, and ultimately to the prison where Spencer is held to interview him face-to-face. Meanwhile, Benton investigates the death of a young man, shot and killed while selling water on a hot summer day.

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